Abstract Frit & Powder Beads
Or, No, I'm not Precision minded by Nature

I've revamped this page, since I now put a lot of my frits in watchmaker's tins (rather than mini-muffin pans), am slowly moving to laying my thompson enamels on a flat surface (at least for large beads—they no longer fit in the mini-muffin depressions). Not to mention spiders are not so much of a problem in the new upstairs studio, the cats have both passed...I still boil glass.

My first postcard, and, so far, still my fave, showing abstracts in cool colors. (2002)

I'll have to dig out some of the really golden uglies, often made on opaque glass. For awhile, I made them on transparent colorless glass, then pale transparents, then saturated transparents, then went through a translucent phase, using alabastros and opalinos. Next up is to start playing with frits and powders on bullseye, especially now that they've obligingly added so many new colors. —I still have to research compatability between german glassblowing powders and BE.

See also floral vases for more variations on this theme, with additional trailing.


starting the new year with warmup beads in black, white & red. 01feb2021


2 of 3 cracked is a fail. 29apr2020


Scrolled heart repairs a dead mouse 23apr2020


frit and powder dusted hearts 14feb2021


an old abstract collection


Page Brunner's 2006 fuchsia & purple charm bracelet 09mar2020


2020 lentil tassel `cleanup' necklace in greens & aquas. 19mar2020


sky blue abstract makes an equally delicately coloured petite mouse. 12nov2019


3rd—or 4th—iteration of my car keys dead mouse. Page created 27dec17. 08nov2019


painted box & chair 22sep2017


pink & yellow mini dead-mouse 28jun2017


Pink Pressed Lentil Pendant 27jun2017


Beaded embroidery in purples and blues and creams. 10sep2015


2014 beadcurtain strand featuring autumn oranges, yellows and acid yellows is delivered on the 12th day of xmas, amongst temps in the teens and snow. 06jan2015


It always amazes when others see beauty in my failures. 24jan2020


Two 1.5" hollow pressed lentils, with frit, powder, shard and floral decorations, with minor production notes. 12jun2014


I use scrap frit to make 4th of July beads 02jul2013


More of those red-white-blue abstract patriot beads 16apr2013


2nd in a series of USA `stars and stripes' themed omiyage (gift bags). 16apr2013


Transparent green and blue-green thompson enamel, fine emerald frit and red trailing on a white or pale pink ground makes for an abstract that could work as a spring pastel or muted xmas design. 21mar2013


A purple, green and gold birdie made as a hostess gift for a New Orleans themed Fat Tuesday party. 21feb2013


An old page from 19may2012 features an equally old beadcurtain strand photographed 29may2012. 14nov2017


I make red, white and blue beads for Japan 12jun2011


Assorted red winged hearts . Originally posted 02jun08. 02jun2008


Winged hearts done in the abstract style. Originally posted 28may08. 28may2008


2nd in a series of blue abstracts; these center around a white based aquamarine . Originally posted 26nov07. 26nov2007


Post about a series of custom blue abstracts. Originally posted 22nov07. 23nov2007


3 vases in the CiM peacock green test series . Originally posted 20nov07 20nov2007


comparison of two yellow abstracts made with Creation is Messy Hades black and Effetre Dense 066 black. Originally posted 20oct07 20oct2007


Collects together all the bumpy abstracts . Subindex created & posted 27aug06. (3 new posts from summer 06, plus 2 old from 2002) 30aug2006


2002 postcard abstracts are what I think of as my `standard abstract' —featured here in lovely jeweltones of fuschia , purple , lavender , and sky blue . Moved to sub-page, 27aug06 27aug2006


A while back I made some ultra-bumpy abstracts. I really liked these beads, but Page's customers didn't. So eventually they all sold, and because I didn't have anyone in particular nagging me to make more, the variation went into hibernation, though I always assumed that I would someday make mor...


Red bumpy Abstracts Originally posted 13jun06 13jun2006


Blue Bumpy Abstracts Originally posted 11jun06 11jun2006


Green Bumpy Abstracts Originally posted 25may06. 25may2006


Bumpy Abstracts subindex page. Originally: New! (11may02) Bumpy Abstracts (includes two short posts) 16may2006


Monet's waterlilies: 2 pins built around a popular abstract and its lush green and pink color scheme. Ah, spring:) Posted 10feb06 10feb2006


Luscious raspberry colored abstracts (fixed spelling of the word `fuschia', and broken links while I was at it...29nov05) 29nov2005


Ancient crap . Includes original bumpy abstracts 11may02; orange and green , purple, blue and green , and purple, pink, cream and yellow (hey, no green!) 08jun2005


Blue skies inspire these beads. 08jun2005


The purples of evening dusk —Ahem! Well, the blues and violets of summer blueberries and grapes...? 08jun2005


Grave goods. Literally. 08jun2005


Pale purple beads with a special significance for me 08jun2005


Some cute lil abstracts . File originally created 21apr05, posted 23apr05. 1 file. 22apr2005


pastel (alabastro) bumpies 22may2004


Pink and yellow and cream abstracts. 22may2004


I've always been partial to orange & green.... 22may2004


Abstracts in soft pastels: pink and pale blue; green and lavender ``monet'' 22may2004


pink & fuscia bumpies 22may2004


Abstracts typically range from 13–25MM in size, and 12–25USD in price. These are just a sample; I do lots of color combinations.

1st revision: probably around 08jun05; 2nd revision 27aug06. (created bumpies sub-index, cannabalized 2nd version of this page for 2002 postcard subindex; cannabalized wholesale original version of page, from 1st revision as subindex for original crap. Whew.)

Addtional updates, 27aug06: I've collected some of the recent beads that fall into thematically related series into subindex pages. I was, however, too lazy to bother with the older stuff, which is why most of the thumbnails on this page are of ancient crap. You gotta click for the newer stuff. Sorry for the extra work, and all that...

12apr08, added title for links, redid summary, changed cdate from 27aug2006 to 14apr08 move the link up in the index page, since it gets updated fairly regularly.