Red Winged Hearts
are so Traditional

Red is a color we quite naturally associate with hearts, since the real thing is a pump evolved for moving the red stuff through our bodies. It's pretty amazing when you think of it—a pump that works 24/7 for 70–80 years, without fail. Now that's reliability for you.

Alas that the romantic kind associated with this shape of heart is not often as enduring, but even with the added wings, it's a lot simpler to render in glass;)

assorted red winged hearts. Effetre, thompson enamels, spring 2008.

So, since I figured red would be the most popular, I made several of them. My fave, in front, is also the largest, and probably measures close to 50mm across. It's white effetre cased in transparent striking red, and I got a nice even coat—quite a simple technique, except, as I've noted before, my casing is terrible.

An earlier example, with streaks, is towards the back right. As a beadstringer, I think the variation gives the bead a little interest; but as a beadmaker, it's nice to know I can do it right if need be, and not just rationalize all my beadmaking flaws as “but it will be interesting to some beadworker or other”. I also did one heart of completely transparent glass, and also one of opaque red glass, shown on the left. Both are nice, but I like the subtle depth of color the transparent casing over white gives. As a bonus the thicker bead is less likely to holepop. And, as I said, it's good practice.

Finally, as sort of an homage to that guy with the nailed hearts, I did an abstract one, with frit and powder, to give a more organic look.

All in all, I'm fairly happy with these, and hope the folks at B&B, for whom I made them, will like them too.

file created 2jun08