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Cool pix?

Well, they're supposed to be cool, anyway...this is a picture oriented site, in case you hadn't noticed. This part of the site is getting out of hand, so I've added some new directories. New posts are at added to the top; to see archived posts on a given topic, you can either go directly to the local (mostly nature/flora), local architecture, or travel (this is a catch-all which includes links to "Vietnam") or scroll down to the bottom of the page, which includes the same thing in typical thumbnail/link/description format.



yeah my site is badly organized even I can't find stuff on it... 29sep2023


returning to glass after a six month hiatus, & blogging after a 3 week one. 20nov2020


AMSR, the good feeling no one can explain. 09oct2012


The dsl is still sorta flaky, which is why these posts are also sorta flaky. But I did finally managed to get the camera to more or less focus on some 2–3mm stringer, so I made a post about the colors I use to make one of my favorite striped canes for florals plus a couple of others thrown in fo...


Gee, two bead posts in a row...maybe I'll do kumi or something tomorrow. Once again I was feeling rotten (this time from a cold) with requisite headache, so I decided to make more easy little beads, and practice my pointy end petals while I was at it. Then, because the beads were so lame, I added...


My friend and fellow Glassact251 member Margaret Sutherland, in addition to making glass beads, works pmc, knits, gardens—and weaves seed beads in a variety of stitches. This piece is just as juicy as the kumquats and minneolas it brings to mind. Yum! And yes, today is Friday flower blogging...


The 2nd annual Ann Arbor Book Fair is coming up this Saturday with tons of cool stuff to see and do—I admit to being particularly interested in that narrative form that combines art and word balloons, that used to be called comic books, then graphic novels, and now is starting to be called `seq...


Today is Wednesday, so here's a post about a wonderful temple decorated with pottery shard mosaic that I saw on the way to Nha Trang from Dalat during my 2004 Vietnam bicycle tour. 18may2005


This directory collects links to the various Vacation directories 14may2005


Local Architecture 14may2005


Local stuff, mostly flowers 14may2005


Links to older pages , such as the bicycle tour I took in Vietnam during April and May of 2004. 03may2005


My very first pictures taken with my new digital Nikon coolpix 8400 . Created 2005may03 08may2005


Ruminations arising from the 2005 Metro Grand Spring (bicyle) Tour. 03may2005


second leg of a trip to Texas: Missouri 22apr2005


People who ride in temperatures below 32d Farenheit are allowed to call themselves icebikers—even if they only do it once or twice a year. (And, yes, there really are people who do this regularly. Some of them live in places like Alaska, too.) 11feb2005


Well, I see what I did with part of my summer: I made web pages. I spent all morning putzing about, and for that I've turned half an unfinished post plus a new one into two complete ones. This one advertises Sord&Sworcery, the sf&f apa to which I belong, and shows off some of my less than stellar...


Links to various directories collected under the Miscellaneous category:

Yes, there's a lot of duplicate listings. Better than link rot...