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Local Architecture
Treasures abound...

When I took an American Architecture class at Eastern to help complete my minor (“you might as well take another couple of art history classes, since you've almost got enough for a minor anyway”—howzat for foresight and planning?) the prof made the startling assertion that Ypsi had more-interesting historical architecture than Ann Arbor. As it happens though, Washtenaw county is rife with architecture—I've seen splendid samples everywhere I've ridden.

Now, would that not make the perfect source for a fairytale cottage?

I was initially particularly fascinated by the variations in bargeboarding patterns. (Bargeboarding is the fancy cut trim mounted along the gables, or v, of the roof or along the eaves, or roof overhangs.) I thought it might be fun to collect pictures of all the samples, before they inevitably rotted away. —Detroit, where I conceived this fancy, is not known for preserving its history, though certainly there are dedicated folks attempting to save bits and pieces. But here I get the sense that the communities as a whole strive for historical preservation; though no doubt some other enterprising soul has already documented anything there is to see.

I, however, wanted pictures I could incorporate into the graphic novels I'm still planning to make (someday) without fear of violating someone else's copyright—a personal ‘architecture morgue’—and so here's my start at documenting the many wonderful structures in the region. Enjoy.