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cropHeh, didn't so much on the posting front this week—I was pretty busy.

But as today is Trans Day of Visibility, I figured I'd better put something up, given the way absolutely appalling political attacks on trans people have been heating up. Because we're such a tiny minority, it's all too easy for us to be misrepresented as some sort of monsters, instead of really quite ordinary folks who are mostly interested in living their lives and being left alone—just like everyone else. As you may have noticed, I spend far more time focused on art than I do my gender.

I mean, I finally have a framework to understand why everyone else is so fixed on ‘being a woman’ or ‘being a man’, which I admit doesn't make a whole heckuva lotta sense to me (or many other nonbinary people) but hey, whatevs.



cropO hai, I saw somewhere that Ramadan starts at sundown today, so, Happy Ramadan if you celebrate it (& a lovely Wednesday if not.)

I unfortunately don't have any Ramadan themed links, but I rather like this catchy pop song I found via bb, which notes:

The music video for genre-bending pop singer Ashnikko's song Worms contains some pretty badass animation. Each shot is rich in detail, and the creativity that went into the character design is off the charts. The animation, although digitally rendered, looks like a stop motion film. I love the hand-made look to the spunky monsters in the video as well as the gloomy, post-apocalyptic setting that Ashnikko is driving through. The song itself is awesome, too!



cropI was sure sure sure I'd posted at least two links to cool fungi photography, but sadly can find only one but here's an overview that gets into some of the reasons why fungi are so wonderful, besides their admittedly wonderful forms.

I think it's helpful to consider these larger contexts, because otherwise people tend to divide them into two categories, ‘things good to eat’ (tiny) and ‘annoying’ (a larger category including diseases such as athletes’ foot, yeast infections, and stuff growing where it shouldn't, such as your live trees & (ought-to-be) dead baseboards.

I didn't think to incorporate any (obvious) fungi in today's art, but that's probably because I tend to associate them with autumn, not spring.



cropToday is the Vernal Equinox, the first day of Spring. I thought this meant the days were of equal length, which is a common but incorrect assumption (which assertion the Encyclopedia Britannica makes, so you could hardly be blamed.) What it actually means is that the Earth is half lit and half dark (at a certain point)—I thought the video embedded in this space.com page did a lovely job of illustrating the concept.

Of course, for folks Down Under, it's the Autumn Equinox.

So! Happy Equinox everyone. Have some spring flowers courtesy of the changing season, and a little bonus piece of lampworking.


cropHappy St Patrick's Day, for those of you who celebrate it! (& a pleasant Friday to those who don't;)

This year marks a return of my rather erratic tidy studio series, which I realize probably interests very few people besides myself. But as today is the day one traditionally wears green (I often forget/don't bother, because clothes are soooooo important to me;) today's linkie features fashion:

Cluttercore is, I guess, the term currently being applied to teens’ mix-n-match (“eclectic”) sense of style, built out of thrift store finds. I have purchased all but the most technically demanding clothes (e.g. bike gear) from thrift shops for years, as it's cheaper and faster than making my own, but I haven't much in the way of style, as natural fabrics, comfort, and practicality reign. Thus, I haven't the foggiest what's in right now—despite Threads Magazine's pattern roundup—but consider myself very fortunate that I don't have to please anybody but myself with regard to clothes; I dislike almost all women's clothing (yet another symptom, I guess, that yes, I really am nonbinary): I mean, the latest issue had one, count it one pattern that I actually sorta kinda liked. Usually it's none.



cropHeh! Today's pi day, which of course means there's a new Vi Hart video on the topic and in my usual way, after the video ended I said to the wizard,

you know, there must be a joke in there somewhere, but I'm not getting it. Though I do wonder why her character was behaving so ...irrationally.


Man, I'm slow.

Anyway, always a cause for celebration, and if listening to Circle and Triangle battle it out over pi's digits don't do it for you, well, here's my contribution to things round & thus, pi based...

Happy Pi Day!

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