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cropSorry I caught a cold and was more-or-less out sick with it last week. I never got around to posting this from the 2018 holiday season. So this is a week year behind, and I guess I'll just collect the various links I've encountered over the last several days (from assorted sources)...stand.

I get kind of frustrated by articles like this one from Wapo that attempt to cast our current political polarization as economics, because I don't really think a lotta poor PoC voters went for Trump, do you?

The author tries to dress this up with a bit of identity politics—folks in, say, the Midwest (where I live, so I figure I can diss...) have added gun ownership/religion/republicanism as their identity now that the jobs, union, and economic security that went with it has left. Meanwhile lefties have a surfeit of fluid identities that makes them more open to change.



cropHey it's Friday Fugly Fail!

There must be something perverse about me, cuz I sure find these messes amusing.

If failure fugly isn't your cup of tea, you could listen to the Citation Needed podcast instead—I tried it on a recommendation by Marcus Ranum (he's freethoughtblogs under ‘stderr’) starting with episode 1, about charter schools, and was quite impressed. Did you know they really got going because there was a big tax break for businesses that invested in charter schools in poor districts? Oh ho ho ho! No wonder Betsy DeVos is such a fan!

Just about the only thing for which all billionaires, of all financial persuasions, seem to agree, is their support of charter schools. Man oh man, did that bring the whole business into sharp focus—politics always, always always seems to be: “follow the money”. Le sigh. Anyway—listen to a fascinating discussion about the ways we as the public have failed poor kids, or check out my fail of a unicorn sculpture. It may be ugly, but at least it's not hurting anyone else...



cropHere we go, Christmas earrings from a couple of years ago. (I don't think I actually made any up 2018, and currently don't have plans for this year, as I can think of only one other person besides me with pierced ears that's gonna be at our holidays for 2019. And both she and I have several styles of christmassey earrings. (IOW, I'm too busy.)

Even more awesome, a fun animation featuring Fred Rogers and Bob Ross that is just as cute and sweet as it sounds.

Or you can check out some holiday earrings.


cropToday's item is not only current work, it's currently available! This signed limited edition holiday ornament in the shape of a unicorn horn is available at Unicorn Feed and Supply and it's my understanding they ship:)

Of course, if christmas ornaments aren't your thing, they also work perfectly well as window suncatchers.

Do hope you enjoy.


cropAnd here's our second page in the series!

By the way, evidently once upon a time, Christmas, rather than Hallowe'en, used to be the time for ghost stories, of which Dickens’ A Christmas Carol is pretty much the lone relict.

Of course, then there are sorta-accidentally scary (not to mention a tad on the raunchy side(1) stories. I like the super-sappy as much as anyone, but sometimes you just need a palette cleanser (probably also why I like Santa Baby...)

But here's some sweet to go with the sour.


cropOh hai all. We're now officially past Thanksgiving, which in the US means: Christmas! (Or whatever winter equivalents you celebrate—for me, it's xmas, because it's three days later than the Solstice, meaning, I have three extra days to make last minute gifts:)

This is also my typical window for posting giftwrapping, even though I do that year round, because wrapped gifts are so strongly associated with Christmas. —However, before doing endless pages of that, I thought I'd bring back some pages related to a holiday themed project I did about this time last year.

I hope you enjoy ’em.

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