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cropWhenever I'm making art—and I'm part of a group show opening this Friday, plus I will be participating in a First Friday event in November, for which, ideally,I should have at least 20 pieces—I tend not to post as much. But, having starting making webpages again, I thought I'd try to maintain that trend.

Today's page was stubbed out 13 and a half years ago, but remained merely a title until the tools the wizard reminded me I had helped me to find this abandoned page. So I dug up some floral pix from that era, & slotted them in.

About the time I created this page, I would have returned from my first overseas bike trip in Vietnam. I was putting up a series of machine embroidery pages and probably duplicated and/or lost track of the stub at that time. I didn't have the two-part post/work scheme I do now, but I was certainly very unhappy with the then-current administration. Little did I know what was in store...!



cropI guess Puerto Rico if finally getting some supplies in, though now we have yet new horrors to push their plight into the background...if ever we needed a cat video, now is the time, so here's one—just what it says on the tin: blind kitty hugs phone playing music by his rescuer.

The page went live but I failed to link it or tag it, so it's remained buried since July. Whoops.


cropToday, we have font links:)

Via pharyngula a pretty cool link to someone's calligraphically illustrated mathbook. I'm sorry to say I'm still learning how to do that copperplate style fancy scrolling, and this girl had it down by the age of 13. Using feathers, no less!

Via bb, a typography historian shares his favourite typefaces.. I certainly agree with his first example! The others are, hm, interesting, too. (The assembly one looks like it was tailor made for TeX...) Anyway, must persuade my library—actually any of the three libraries to which I have card—to buy his "book."



cropToday's item features flowers, and, more tangentially, flowing water, so this cute animation, via bb, seems apropos.

Or you can check out a little embroidered, beaded pouch. Enjoy.


cropI am still hiding from the news, so here's another cute link about ‘modern’ book covers from the 70s, cleverly animated via a discussion about the changing mores of abortion amongst evangelicals, and how the procedure was uncontroversial in the 70s amongst them (though of course Catholics objected...mostly to distinguish themselves from the protestants back in the 1800s, afaict).

Man oh man, those covers took me back. That sort of design was ubiquitous, four decades ago, sort of the serious version of Peter Max posters & album covers—but still flat swathes of colour and flat, graphic design.

Today's item is also a blast from the past, if not as distant a past. And I'm working my way towards the present. Really.



Well, here's a review—not a terrifically thorough one—of Jeff Smith's Bone. (Not least because I waited awhile after reading the book to write the ‘review’.) But that's all right, because courtesy of Alas, a Blog here's a much more gifted comics critiquer's collection of multi-panel pans by decade; looks like there's tons of other interesting stuff in the archives, too. (There's an argument about whether comics suffered from using so many filmic techniques, as opposed to taking advantage of other, more page-specific techniques...this is not precisely that discussion, but there's definitely some pointers for adapting the approach for the careful reader.)

And I get this thing kicked out. Now I gotta go make some art...


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