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cropHi all. CiM's standard palette hasn't actually changed all that much from the sample strand I made in 2011, and updated in 2012; I pretty much have all the current colours made up. However, I would like to edit down my notes from lines and lines of ‘made thus-and-so colour’ to actual comments about the glass. Moreover, I managed to make up the ltd run sample pack & document that (i.e. photograph the beads & rods with stock numbers) so now the beads just need to be cleaned & possibly strung up.

All that's coming (along with some samples from Riley dichroic that I still need to make up:) but in the meantime we're back to giftwrapping, which after all was what I originally had scheduled for this week. Enjoy.


cropHey, about a break from all that giftwrapping for some other old and out of date material? The thing is, I won a sample set of colours from Creation is Messy, and though it will be awhile before I test them, I thought I could at least dig out some older samples, such as this one from 2012.

If that doesn't float your boat, how about a link to this gorgeous pic of grand central station? Bonus shots of the hoover assorted dams, the great public works projects of their day, I guess.


cropThe intros have been kinda heavy lately, to the point where even I don't wanna look at ’em. So here's a cool link to a bunch of cool vintage cutaway maps of London.

Or you can check out the latest in the giftwrap series.


cropBack when I was a sweet cranky rude young thing, I tended to finish books, because it just seemed proper to do, to not give up in the middle. I'm much less patient now, even with good stuff. So mebbe I'll finish this 80pp paper of potterian economics and mebbe I won't; but having plowed through roughly 25% of it, my opinion hasn't changed markedly from the first page (and, I suspect won't if I do finish) because it can basically be summed up as:

Dude. This is all very well, and I love me some meaty footnotes, but, yanno, fanficcers figured out all this stuff a decade ago. Really. Cuz I was incorporating their observations into my fics in 2008.

That is, though it has a lot more cites and lots more jargon, the author's thesis, so far as I can tell is that



crop’Tis evidently the season not only for snow, commercial xmas stuff but also stories about sexism in school or the workplace. An awful a lot of people (mostly women, but some men, too!) have been telling their stories for years, just not particularly publicly. Well, here's mine:

Back when I was taking commercial art classes—keylining and airbrushing, specifically—post-degree to improve my job chances, I had completely different experiences between my two profs at CCS (widely regarded to be the commercial art school in our region, especially for industrial design).

I took keylining long enough ago that we were still using spraymount and wax to affix our copy, though I expect the pros were already on board with computer layout. —I don't think the teacher liked me very much. The two incidents I recall the most were these: He asked me, once, whether I was pregnant, because I was in (quiet, non-class-distracting) tears over a ruined (expensive) board (I was poor). And he called me Syphilis.



cropI have been super-busy the past several days, so didn't quite get this stuff queued up properly. So also, here's a link-dump of the some of the stuff I've been reading:

  • the NYT 10 best books of the year had some interesting titles; I ordered a couple of them from the library.
  • This year's hugo fan writer, Abigail Nussbaum, whose blog, Asking the Wrong Questions, has a ton of sharp reviews & observations on sfnal/fantasy related works, both in print and cinematic. She also links to other sharp observations about such works, such as this Lawyer, Guns & Money takedown of the international politics of Captain America: Civil War (which is considered by many fans to be among the most thoughtful & best in the superhero genre)
  • Dr Who's theme music creator, Delia Derbyshire—a woman barely allowed to work in the lab where the iconic music was created—was awarded a posthumous PhD.
  • the cruelty to which fat people, especially fat women, is subjected, is astonishing. I love the gentle, sweet pushback in this comic. Via Alas, a blog.
  • Autistic women: I thought I was lazy. I'm not autistic; but it took years for me to realize that I'm not precisely neurotypical, either. (Like so many ‘women’ [cuz I'm evidently not precisely that, either...] I didn't realize this till I saw some of the symptoms in my offspring, which held true for my M-i-L as well.)
  • Fred Clark makes an argument for reading Adam Sewer's The Nationalist's Delusion. The teal deer version is that, backed up with studies that tease apart economic insecurities and racial ones, whites voted for Trump because he assured them they were still the best, the greatest; moreover his policies have focused on assauging those fears, showing that, whatever else his failures, 45 understands his base.
  • a black man moves to the deep south —despite the history of slavery, jim crow & still-rampant racism.
  • Finally, though it's gonna be pretty emphemeral: Seth Abramson's tweetstream about Robert Mueller's investigation of the current administration is absolutely riveting, like reading a political thriller in real time.


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