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cropEvidently, waaaay back in 2010, I would create a bunch of blank posts, then fill them in. Only problem was, I sometimes lost track of ’em....as well as old link collections. The original links for Dan Pink's RSA animation discussing what really motivates people (hint: it's not more money, once you get above a certain threshold, yet another reason to cancel obscene, 1-percenter type wealth), which I found via a Scienceblog post by Grrlscientist. Well, Sb went completely defunct about a week or so ago, but fortunately, I'd used the original phrasing, and managed to find another copy of the recce.

I'm rather glad I found those old links—and I'd certainly agree, mastery, autonomy and making a difference are good motivators: they're pretty much my reasoning for plugging away at this site. (Though speaking of mastery, beadmaking requires practice. Right now I could not make the beads depicted in today's page without some serious ramp-up.



cropSomehow or other I managed to create three nearly identical posts back in 2009...one had one difference of note, a link to a 2009 blog post about a paleontologist observing a colleague bore his audience to the point this man felt like blood was leaking out his ears. Aside from the striking image—who hasn't been bored nearly to tears about technical minutiae, even in one's own area of expertise (not to mention boring other people with such, and sometimes I'm not quite fast enough to catch myself before their eyes totally glaze over)—it's kind of heartening to see a still functioning link in the now modern era of ‘blogs are defunct.’

Alas, the main topic of that post—how to educate people on difficult topics, particularly when a lot of them don't even accept the basic precepts—is more relevant than ever, so I guess it's good that it's still out there.



cropSo mebbe I did and mebbe I didn't post this page about stitch markers back in 2009, but since there was no text *whatsoever* in the intro, I kinda tend to think I didn't. And I'm back to knitting again, so it seems apropos to feature these luxury stitch markers that ultimately, (if they didn't get lost, which all but 1 or 2 did) ended up as goodies for me:)

But if you've any experience with crimping, beadalon, and seedbeads, they're very easy to make yourself, for a quite a small sum. So, on that basis, I'm sharing them as an idea:)



cropContinuing with old stuff, via slacktivist, LGM features several iterations of Your Own Personal Jesus, most notably by Johnny Cash. (Oh, and here's a link for the pop version that's broken on LGM., which, it turns out, is a song I really like.

This 6 year old post is about a truly beautiful animal, a macaw. Kim Fields has made a career of doing birds of this sort, and ISTR that I thought this photo might make a good ref for that sort of bead. Never got around to using it...till I realized, with a modern coda, that this photograph was as good as I was likely to get. Sometimes, you just gotta accept imperfection.



cropAnother pair of blasts from the past, courtesy of the latest iteration of website improvements/implementation of mojolicious. Via Boing Boing, Ernest Seton Thompson and the story of Lobo based on the story in Seton's collection, Wild Animals I have Known—I actually have this book. Mine isn't a first edition or anything (besides which the cover has nearly fallen off) but it was printed in the late 1800s or early 1900s, which child-me thought was pretty cool. (Actually it might be, since the book only came out in 1898, and iirc, that's when mine was printed...) This was the sort of thing, along with Zane Grey, and other animal stories written in the early 1900s, that made the wildnerness come alive—helped, of course, by childhood camping, which, though considerably tamer, nevertheless cemented a lifelong love of forests.



cropSo about a decade ago, I started this post, and never finished it, for reasons that aren't clear. Now that I have better tools for scrolling through odds and ends, I found it again, and also determined, so far as I can tell, that it's not a duplicate post. So, enjoy.

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