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the various and sundry creations of sylvus tarn
Creek watercolour
attempts to capture afternoon light

I loved the light on this creek, but unfortunately the painting barely captures it. As with most sketches of this type, I made it while camping.

watercolour of creek, roughly 6x9"; watercolours on watercolour paper, 16sep23, 17:23. pixel pro 6, f/1.9, ev 0, 1/143s, ISO 56; cropping and slight use of unified transform tool in gimp to square up; scaled

Probably my favourite bit is the skimming of the brush to represent sparkles on the larger body of water (on the left) into which the creek empties, a technique that relies upon adequately textured cold-press paper. That was the work of a moment; most of my time (and creative energy) making this was futzing around trying to capture the reedy plants on the riverbank, which just goes to show what I appreciate while making the piece and what I judge to be its strengths[1] later are often quite different.

[1]such as they are...