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Completed Bead Projects in Less than Two Hours!
Or, Why I took up Flamework...

There are now enough posts on this page that I've started collecting them into subcategories—dotties, pixies, abstracts, floral vases, etc. And I'm tired of looking at the introductory material in the old page so I've deleted most of it. I suppose I should write some new introductory material on the wonders of hollow mandrel wound lampwork beads, but it seems to me that pictures speak louder than words. Another way to find stuff is to scroll to the bottom of the page, click on ‘tags’ and pick a keyword that looks interesting.[1]

Update, 18nov04. Before purchasing or using any of my beads or items containing glass beads, please read the Disclaimer. (Bummer.)


transparent and opaque purple spacers beads. 04aug2023


amber and ivory striped hollows 22nov2022


3 big beads with twisties 24nov2022


double (or triple) green and red gift 20jan2021


Back to working glass after a six month hiatus 19nov2020


2016 ladybug applique & beaded embroidery on shirt lapel. 15jan2020


Beads from the 2005 transparent green & white 100 bead challenge 14jan2020


Rosary made with green beads 20jan2016


production from 23sep15: recent experiments, mostly with color. Also, reviewing old techniques. 25sep2015


Versacube purple cross with yellow floral trailing 14jan2020


Recent work: large pressed florals with backgrounds of shards, frit and powder. 13aug2014


Two 1.5" hollow pressed lentils, with frit, powder, shard and floral decorations, with minor production notes. 12jun2014


One `beauty' and a whole lotta beasts. Fridayfuglies for April. 02may2014


Collects the 2013 posts together, including a lot of beads, of course. 18apr2014


I make two beads using a recursive daffodil cane 11apr2014


Collects the beady sculptural pages. (This is where all the birdie bead links went, btw...) 17apr2014


index for the howtoglassbead pages–many of these pages need a lot of work.


CiM samples–sunshine (opq yellow), Gypsy (trans purple), unk brown, plus a DH? aqua (elektra?). Collects the samples pages 13mar2014


CiM's nutmeg and hematite are cool, and a quite beautiful combination. That doesn't mean my 40 bead challenge came out well, though. 08mar2014


How to make a pink and amber lampshade beads, with lots of pix. 21jan2020


This last in a series of posts about an elaborate beaded potted plant hanger also collects all the plant hanger posts together. 20mar2014


In which I attempt a Margaret Zinser style glass-painted scarab beetle. 23oct2015


metal leaf bead made in Don's class, using my leaf sucker, in early part of 2010, after accident. Not exciting, but a personal fave for the sentimental associations. 02jun2010


fused and slumped glass bowl, from bullseye scraps. Another, more recent index page for glass doodads. 04apr2014


I made this spacerbar charm in green and purple for my own bracelet in the glassact round-robin charm bracelet project. 08dec2009


A series of large hollow pressed focal with pressed daisy motif, made with pi glass . Originally posted 07apr09. 07apr2009


collects glass beads made in 2009. 07apr2009


Though these beads were made earlier, this is the first post about them specifically . Originally posted 28jan09. 28jan2009


3 varations on the dottie-pixie in a warm color scheme . Originally posted 21jan09. 21jan2009


Elegant, simple and lush teal pixie focals, including some dottie pixies. . Originally posted 19jan09. 19jan2009


finally got around to finishing this 2008 pixie dust index page. 30jan2020


Though made (and photographed) in 2007, I didn't get around to posting these grey, red, and white gravity swirl beads till 2008. Originally posted 08dec08. 08dec2008


Collects the stringer/cane recipe posts. 19oct2008


This post about bighole beads of 2007 & beyond also discusses some styling issues for photography. Originally posted 3jun08. 03jun2008


Collects together the minihollow pages. 27may2008


2008 was the year of the winged heart. 08feb2016


This category gets updated fairly regularly, as I've been making abstracts pretty consistently ever since I discovered thompson enamels. Last update of the index: 12apr08. 14apr2008


assorted 2007 glassbeads, esp. those not in usual categories, including some curliQs , bigholes , raked fire and ice , assorted earthtone , and sculptural heads . 12apr2008


Collects the 2007 posts about the Effetre-compatible Color Is Messy line . Index created 14apr08. 12apr2008


Friday fuglies: a new collection of failed experiments, hideously ugly beads and other screwups. It's my sense of humor , I guess. Directory created 11apr08. 11apr2008


Collects the 2008 glass bead pages. Still needs some add'l pix, titles, but page is outlined. Photographed 22jan08, edited 28apr14, needs to be revamped 2020 31jan2020


I've updated the dottie page a little, 16mar04; newest post 09oct07 09oct2007


sand blasted/tumbled beads. fridayfugly page created 14mar2007. 13mar2020


permanently unfinished post of 3hole / holepop / screamers made from opaque stripeys. 24apr2020


Duplicate? Includes solid dichros , (small designer beads of a small dichro-on-black cylinder cased in clear), jacketed dichro , and big gaudy dichro focals. 04jan2027


A return to an old idea—my earliest hollow style of bead, a plain transparent hollow, aka the `soap bubble', . Originally posted 20jan07 21jan2007


My take on the big expensive gaudy bead . Updated with an unsuccessful new series from 2006 . 29nov2006


Stripey beads . Now a subindex page including three sets of links— mini-stripeys ; howto pages ; and the original 03 stripeys ; created 29aug06 18oct2006


Three files, originally posted 19dec05 , 29aug06 , and 06oct06 currently comprise the tessellation/twisted-dot subindex, created 29aug06 06oct2006


Satake stripeys , originally posted 07sep06 07sep2006


This post covers a handsome series of stripeys in 5 colorways made (so far as I can tell) in 2003 and as a bonus includes my postcard from that year. 30aug2006


Collects together vessel beads, many floral. File created 08jun05, updated 30aug06, 09apr14. 30aug2006


This used to be the swap page, but now indexes various other artists' beautiful beads, whether I've actually traded for them. 25jun2006


Series of designer beads in soft pastel colors made in bullseye; Conceived as a series, these include mostly curliQs , with a few dotties , and gravity swirls to round out the collection. posts created and uploaded during Jan 2006, of beads made in dec 2005. 29jan2006


An unusual series of beads, inpsired by the roughness and iridescence of ancient roman glass . 29nov05. See also this necklace originally posted 19jul06 which includes similar beads made of plate glass. 29nov2005


Miscellaneous beads not fitting into other categories , including dichro focals and fuglies 08jun05. This howto page for making dichro solids has a nice picture of the finished product. (File created 15may05) 08jun2005


Collects the non-beady glass object pages, e.g. ornaments, buttons, knobs, etc. 08jun2005


Collects the howtoglassbead pages/beadmaking tuts, tips & tricks. 01jun2005


My earliest and most extremely ugly beads. 29may2005


Though more recently made than the antique curliQs, these opaque antiques made with translucent opalino and alabastro glass got posted first, around 07may05 07may2005


Some so-so beads serve as a springboard for some mild philosophical musings on the state of the bead world. File created 29apr05 02may2005


Related directories, for your convenience.

I belong to GlassAct251, a glass bead guild. Check out some my fellow beadmakers’ work by clicking on the member sites link.


[1]Yeah, these keyword clouds are usually on the right or left of the page, rather than all the way to another page, but this site is kinda old and creaky...like 80 or something in dog years...