Or, the pleasures of itty bitty beads

Minihollows, assorted soda-lime glasses. Late 2005 or 2006 (picture was shot in feb06, anyway...) Pliers are to provide scale.

I've had any number of people marvel that I make ‘such small hollows’ because they think making bigger ones are easier. Now, I grant, making ’em this small can be tricky, if for no other reason that if the distance from hole to hole is less than half the diameter of the rod, then the rod will touch (and probably stick to) the first half the bead while you're trying to lay down the second half.

However, people say this about my 10-13 mm beads, which I find mystifying, because that's about the easiest size bead to make on the typical 1/2 (12mm) diameter face torch, ’cuz it's exactly the width of the flame and thus easy to keep the entire bead warm. Be that as it may, teeny tiny beads have to be fun, since no-one's gonna pay for a little lampwork bead when they can get something just as (or close as makes no mind) nice in the czech pressed or austrian crystal lines.

In transparents, anyway. Maybe that's why the striped ones currently fascinate me so...

file originally created 27aug06


Third in a series of mini beadcurtain strands. 27jan2016


beaded embroidery in the shape of a cicada. 22oct2015


Hand made pencil case—for technical pens and water-handle brushes, of course:) 14oct2015


red wool with malachite green beads a lime (or apple) green zipper. Lots of progress shots. 01oct2015


4th in a series of red wool embroidered pouches from a boiled wool sweater. 30sep2015


2nd in a series of red wool pouches. 29sep2014


More leftovers. Red, black and white bead embroidered pouch. 17sep2015


Leftover beads from the rhyolite/unakite pouch are put to good use. 16sep2015


Bead embroidery in orange and green on dark green—done ``quickly''. 15sep2015


Last of the spacerbar bracelets. Completed 29jul13, 10apr2018


This luscious green and purple necklace is full of all the things I love:) It also currently collects together the multistrand pages. 03oct2012


the original dead mouse 02oct2012


I made this spacerbar charm in green and purple for my own bracelet in the glassact round-robin charm bracelet project. 08dec2009


Early adventures with stitch markers. Originally posted 25feb09 16nov2017


Collects together the minihollow pages. 27may2008


Bullseye lusters used to make minihollows. . Originally posted 27may08. 27may2008


. Originally posted 08 28may2008


Red minihollow beads , originally posted 10apr08. 10apr2008


Ah, orange and green ministripeys . Ruminations on a better stripey. First posted 09aug06 09aug2006


Mini-stripeys Orginally posted 09aug06. 08sep2006


pink, purple and blue, and —oh yes— greyish ministripeys in which two light sources—cloud diffused sun and tungsten light—are compared for rendering true color. Originally posted 06sep06 06sep2006


More mini-stripeys . Originally posted 27aug06 27aug2006


Purple and green in miniature Originally posted 08aug06. 08aug2006