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Winged abstract hearts
Or, running through the changes

The winged heart design was one of those very rare experiments that turned out pretty much exactly as I envisioned it. The bead has two slightly aggravating tendencies—the wings sometimes crack, and the right (proximal) lobe of the heart tends to holepop. And I'm still working out how to make the wings better. But given the straightforward development of the design, I had a lot of headspace for fiddling—enough to start with obvious variations, anyway, such as this abstract version.

soda-lime glass, thompson enamels, frit, gold leaf. largest, 26x34x41mm. May, 2008.

This variation is based upon the sunshine coral, which is a color combination I've been doing for quite a long time (ooh, the horridness of the holes in the sample shown...)

Other side.

The impetus for this particular color scheme was my friend Cindi, who kindly brought some very yummy looking opaque pink frits. I've always had to make my own, but these are just as nice. They can be distinguished from the home grown variety by the blue-green color occasionally showing up.

photos taken & file created 27apr08.


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