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the various and sundry creations of sylvus tarn
Other Arts'n'Crafts
Or, Decorative Tendancies Run Amuck.

I like figuring out ways to fancy up stuff. (Too bad most stuff looks better plain–think about the beauty of an ax handle, or a shaker box, or a Mission Style dresser. But those of us without the gift for simplifying have to rely upon other methods for trying to beautify our surroundings.)

Below I give examples of two crafts I adapted, or developed, which allow me to give ephemeral gifts. As I get older and older and have more and more stuff (or junk) my appreciation for fleeting gifts, in which truly the thought counts most, grows.

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These embroidered stockings are—surprise—in the Embroidery section of the site, but as they are a holiday craft as well, I've posted them here, too. Enjoy. Initial post 11feb05, last updated 23jan2014 24jan2014


Many years ago I decorated this box with costume jewelry components, going for a rich, encrusted look . Originally posted 03dec08. 03dec2008


With this cocoa tin, I've started on collages, what we now call mixed media, . Originally posted 13nov08. 13nov2008


Another of my infamous quick'n'dirty just-before-the-recipient-showed-up wrap jobs collects all the floral-themed giftwrap pages. Wrapped & photo'ed 13may, post 14may08. 14may2008


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Decorative macrame board, by Kathleen Robinson (with more silk flowers added by sylvus tarn). Originally posted 1apr08. 01apr2008


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