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Box Encrusted,
with all manner of costume jewelry parts

I can't say how many years ago I epoxied a bunch of fake pearls, brass and basemetal findings, along with a coupl of pseudo crystals, but it though it was after found items had become fairly common in jewelry, it was before this current fashion of floral assemblages and other vintage jewelry I'm currently seeing in etsy really took off.

Box, 3" x 2" (not including 1-1/8") additional surface decorations on lid. Mid 90s?

This item illustrates the need for adhesives that remain clear and colorless, which the two-part epoxy I used clearly didn't. As a result, several years on a lot of very unattractive yellow scum started showing; so, pleased as I was with the way this came out at the time, I guess I should be happy I only ever made the one.

Top view.

Despite its flaws, I still like it, and keep some of my early favorites (a couple date back even before I started making hollows, ferex) in it. —And perhaps some day I'll pursue this sort of thing more successfully.

And with better glue.

photos, file created 3dec08


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