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the various and sundry creations of sylvus tarn
That's fancy term for Jewelry & Clothes...

This category has gotten ever fuzzier, a problem coming out of the fact that I use, in effect, two categories to sort my various creations: by medium, or method of creation, and by intended use. —Used to be adornment was strung beads, that is, necklaces, earrings and bracelets. And then I started making beaded wall hangings, planters, garden decorations, lamp pulls...[1]

In other words, it's time to update the top-level categories (actually, it's been time for the last couple of years, but the thought of recategorizing hundreds of pages...ugh.) So for the meantime, I guess this is basically 3D stuff, mostly excepting lampwork.

modified 21jan06; 18oct06; 01oct08


After years of having just the one admittedly cool necklace, I finally got around to posting some other pieces, and making a proper index page for scrimshaw. originally scheduled, 24dec09. (re?)posted 23jan2012


This is the index page for embroidery: freestyle hand, machine and beaded. 21apr2009


Collects the metal-related posts: fabrication, pmc, casting, etching... 01oct2008


I made an index page for french-beaded flower pages on 8apr2008...finally got around to posting it some 6 years later... 24apr2014


Periodic forays into my sometimes idiosyncratic approach to wirewrapping over the last 15 or so years; includes french-beaded flowers. 08apr2008


This post about a macrame bracelet workshop collects together all the bracelet pages. 25apr2014


Collects various strung works—not only the more traditional necklaces, bracelets and earrings, but also weirder stuff, like the bead curtain, dead mice, etc. originally 2006dec09, updated 26aug2012


Index page to the most popular item on my site—with tuts, samples, commissions, and the 2.0 version. Enjoy. 18oct2006


Samples of offloom beadweaving ; last update 14aug04; new file name, with updates (esp to the guest artist pages) 18oct06; added new posts (of very old loom weavings) oct08. 18oct2006


Samples of Tapestry Needleweaving . 22may2004


[1]If you don't see these things, it's because I haven't gotten around to posting them yet. Jewelry has at least the advantage of easier to move into a mini photography studio to shoot, unlike the current incarnation of my bead curtain, or my first beaded plant hanger.