Macrame Bracelet
revisiting an old technique...

It took me four tries to finally make a post about a macrame board because I kept losing my pages![1] So today's page recycles one of those lost pages to show the item I made on the board:) —It also collects the bracelet pages together.

Macrame bracelet. The ceramic button is by Kathleen Robinson. Other materials: nylon, glass, superglue. 7 inches at shank; 9” including fringe. 2008, (executed by) sylvus tarn. I combined two exposures of the picture to light both button and beads.

My first bracelet was not, in my opinion, very successful; I didn't care for the colors that came in my kit, and couldn't figure out how to make the shapes work together, either separately or in clumps. Kathleen indulged my whining by giving me more beads for the fringe, and even a standup bottle of superglue. I resolved to figure out how I could make this technique work for me.


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[1]How can you lose a page? Um, on this site it's actually pretty easy, though I have more tools now than I did in 2008 for finding them again.