2012 Memory wire bracelet
spring fling with lotsa dangles

I photographed this series of memory wire bracelets eight years ago, so it's a bit difficult to perfectly recreate my thinking. I don't have any notes for the day I shot these (27dec12) and in fact am not certain whether I or the recipient (or the two of us together) strung this piece. Or whether it was even strung in 2012... Certainly it's a little chunkier than I typically work, but I really like the piece, which features a lot of rather erratic beads, but enough nicely shaped pixies to pull it together.

Memory wire bracelet featuring glass lampwork beads, czech pressed, and seed beads; bali silver; sterling? and memory wire metal components. Photographed with zuiko prime macro/oly E620 1/250sec f3.2, iso 640, ev 0. Obviously lit with photofloods

Because the bracelet is so visually busy, partly from the many dangles, I really like the reduced focus, which helps to push your eye towards the less chromatically intense transparents in the foreground.

1/250sec f2 iso 640

Here's an even more aggressive version. I happen to like extreme bokeh, and it certainly emphasizes the silver-pink (or opal yellow) scrolled bead here; but it's not to everyone's taste.

50mm zuiko macro/Oly E620; f6.3, 1/50s, iso 640, ev 0. Photoflood lighting

Sigh. It's a little discouraging to look at 8 year old photography that clearly and obviously blows my current work out of the water. I think the high key background really emphasizes the pastels, which to my mind give the piece a cheerful, spring-season aspect. As it happens, I have some of the spot and streaks that found their way into the earrings a few days ago on this same roll of film directory, which I (personally) find kind of interesting.

1/13 s, f13, iso 640

I'm sure I meant to post these in early 2013, but was evidently too busy to post much to the site—the first posting is in mid-February. —So here we are, just a bit late:)