Red, yellow, orange
fire coloured memory wire bracelet

This is part of a series of three bracelets I photographed in late 2012, though it may—likely in fact—was strung many years earlier before I learned to work glass (i.e. in 1996). It was clearly my least favourite from a design point of view: I took only one shot (at two different exposures) ot it, this one. As it happens, I think the photography is very nice, at least:)

Memory wire bracelet; assorted glass beads, including some Indian wound striped lampwork; steel, silver findings; zuiko 50mm prime macro, f2.5, 1/400sec iso 640 27dec2012

Arguing against this theory is the extreme shininess of the sterling wire for the dangles on the ends of the bracelet (not to mention the dreadful gallery wrap—I would've been ashamed to let one that bad into the wild back when I was doing production work in the 90s, but by 2012 I was a bit out of practise.[1]

In any event, both the beads and the concept do date back decades, though as far as I can tell I've never featured these multiple wind memory wire bracelets on the site before.

[1]There's also one of my lampwork beads on that dangle. Wonder if the original broke, & that one piece was replaced...?