Macrame Bracelet
with lampwork beads & button

This is the second (and so far as I know, as of 2014, last) in my series of what Kathleen Robinson calls "mini-macrame" bracelets.

mini-macrame bracelet. photographed 20feb08 (& probably completed shortly before.) Artist made lampwork button, czech pressed leaves, vintage czech beads, mini-hollow stripies, seed beads, gold plated heishi, nylon cord.

Because my lampwork beads have smaller holes than hers, I adapted the technique somewhat, working over a core of 2 strands, rather than 4 at the loop, which were doubled to make 8 for the remainder. This yields a more delicate looking loop. Since the cord in question is heavy-duty nylon (C-lon brand?) probablyequivalent to gudebrod's triple F the piece is still perfectly sturdy.

So, I (more-or-less) figured out how to make these things. But there wasn't much interest in the product (the wonky button surely didn't help, but I'm guessing the fact that it isn't really ‘my’ design was also a problem) so I never made another, though my friend cindi had me photograph quite a handsome variation of hers.

Post started around 1mar08. Photo-editing (curves tool) & add'l text, 17apr14.