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the various and sundry creations of sylvus tarn
Bracelets featuring lampwork and sterling,
In which Page showcases, once again, her superb sense of proportion

Page has been taking metalworking classes at a local art school; and unlike me, she enjoys soldering and texturing and whatnot. She also has a dead-on sense of design and proportion, as this series of bracelets show. Each bracelet features one pixie, usually in a saturated hue, a high-tint dottie, and a more robustly colored dottie, all carefully matched as to size and shape, beautifully bracketed by textured sterling rings. (I fancy my love of texture had some tiny input on this aspect of the design;)

sterling, bali, and lampwork bracelet. 2007. Copyright Page Brunner and Sylvus Tarn. All rights reserved.

This one was frustrating to photograph because my coolpix 8400 was in the shop and the 990, old faithful (which by way has better autofocus) clips blue-based pinks something awful. Yay gimp.


Aqua-blue greens co-ordinate in this seafoam green version.


Foliage colors of mint and pine team with a touch of purple (heather?) in this version.


All of these (or any other color combo that would suit your fancy) are available at our etsy shop for $75 plus $5 shipping.

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