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the various and sundry creations of sylvus tarn
crystal, gold & silver charm bracelet

Page has a real affinity for the silver, white and gold palette, and this piece shows it off: how she plays with shiny, semi and fully matte surfaces to really make the metals shine: besides the pearlescent quality of the pixie dust, note also the subtle shifts between the large highly polished sterling and gold filled beads; the slightly matte quality of the gold leaf on the pixies to the stardust texture on the small sterling beads: these were just beginning to be popular then; now there's a whole slew of textured metal beads being made.

lampwork beads of clear colourless glass with 23k gold leaf and/or pixie dust; swarovski crystal; bali and sterling silver, goldfill and gold plated bali silver (I presume...); lampwork by sylvus tarn, design & execution by Page Brunner. 11dec2006, f7, 1/14sec, +0.3ev nikon coolpix8400