St Patrick's Day Charm Bracelet
those green parrots flying around...

2013 was, I guess, the year of the birdie; I made pink ones for our Valentine's challenge, and green ones for the following March challenge. I only recently discovered that I'd never posted (nor, evidently photographed) this bracelet, which I made incorporating a lot of my own beads, especially from that ancient 2 colour challenge.

charm bracelet. Lampwork, silver (mostly or all plate), copper, pewter

Thus I have no very clear idea when I made this bracelet: pretty sure, though, after the valentine's day one, because that was the first one I made in base metals: it's very possible I was on a roll and made these at roughly the same time.

In addition to the parrots that serve as defacto focal points, and are made with thompson enamels and sculptural techniques, there are beads with curliQ trailing, gravity swirl, plunged dot floral (not mine, however), pixie dust and assorted dot techniques, including a plunged dot I'm pretty sure came out of a test comparing some inexpensive Chinese lampwork.