Holiday Bead Exchange
featuring a blue, gold & white colourway

I was so happy with the way the first holiday exchange bracelet project went that I proposed another, this time with colours sometimes associated with Chanukah: light baby and/or dark cobaltblue, white, and gold/yellow.

The 12 days of beads...which I failed utterly to document except as shown, photographed 14dec2003, Nikon990, dscn5900. Finally decided I not longer care about that, so here we are.

Some people chose a pale baby blue; most, as cobalt. The gold ranged from a deep, vivid crayon-orange-yellow to gold leaf, to goldstone. I probably have notes somewhere linking which people go to which designs, but at this late date, I can only identify my own. Ten other people participated, so I made 2 designs, filling up slots 11 & 12—something I was not at all loathe to do, as it meant I had plenty of beads for the resulting charm bracelet.

Closeup of transparent cobalt dotties with orangey-yellow (opaque) dots—after seeing how the beads looked like dark blobs in the prior photo, I got artsy to emphasize them in this one. Alas, I was having a difficult time controlling the focus.

As with the prior year, I made one set of my beads dotties, and the other one stripeys (the only part of this project previously published).

stripeys, photographed 14dec2003, Nikon coolpix990, 1/18sec, f4.4

I almost certainly took the group shots (on the elegant background of paper towels...) at the meeting, which accounts (I hope) for the rotten photography.

completed bracelet, lampwork & silver; construction date unknown (probably mid-2000s); photographed 18mar20, f8, E620/zuiko prime macro. 8.5" overall, sterling silver, glass

I'm not really certain when I completed this project—as far as I know I never bothered to photograph it, possibly because of not having adequate documentation on who made which beads. Nor have I (so far as I recall) ever worn it; I'm not a big fan of blue nor really of yellow, so while I like it, I simply haven't any occasions to wear it. —All the more reason to post it, I guess, because otherwise how sad that it just sits in a box.