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Freshwater Pearl Bracelet

As I mentioned in the post about the matching necklace the two bali silver clasps could accept each other's tongues, meaning the pieces can be worn either as a necklace and bracelet set, or one long necklace with two fancy clasps acting as focals on either side.

Finally, on the day the customer (who is also a friend) had scheduled for a bunch of us to get together, I bit the bullet and finished the piece. I started by drilling out a small pearl, into which I fed four of the ends; and ran the other two pair through liquid silver or seed beads with big enough holes to accept 2 thicknesses of .015 beadalong. (Hmm. That's an interesting eggcorn. But the beads do indeed follow along. I meant, beadalon. Maybe the company should change the product name? Cuz I make this error all the time....)

8 strand Bracelet. Freshwater pearls, hollow lampwork pixies (by the artist), moonstone, quartz, austrian and czech crystal, seed beads, bali and US made sterling. Strung on .015 beadalon, completed 2006. Private collection.

The finish pretty much is hidden in the picture, but it is a little less agressive than the one on the longer, larger necklace. Another difference is the bracelet has at least two pixies, which are incorporated a little more smoothly into the overall design, rather than being inserted at the last minute, as with the necklace, simply so I could market it as including my own beads.

I'm quite happy with the way these two pieces came out, and already have some interest for similar pieces in the future: I'd like to try making my own box clasps. I've signed up for a metalworking class, so we'll see.

file created 09dec06.

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