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Anybody can do That!

Well...not exactly. Of the 20 or 30 media (including variations) I've tried, stringing remains perhaps my favorite. It certainly is the craft I've practiced longest and feel most competent.

Because the initial learning curve is so low and the initial outlay so small (you can buy all the tools you need for $50), and because, frankly, it's so often so badly done, beadstringing has an undeserved reputation as not being “real” art.

I beg to differ. It's the idea, not the medium, that ultimately makes the difference. I would even argue that it's the idea, not virtuosity, that really counts. That said, stringing can be as challenging and difficult to do as any other medium. Beadstringing may look simple, but to make a long lasting and attractive necklace requires some attention to detail. There are tips and tricks to stringing, as with everything else.

Whether I'll ever get around to scanning some of the really old images (those available on paper or film) remains to be seen, but I think the following gives some sense of my ideas. Stuff with lampwork is gonna be newer (2000s). Stone bead focals mean the piece is probably made in the 1990s. And gee, just to make it obvious, I've put price tags on the stuff that's for sale. If you're interested, email me. I also do commissions.


Lariat necklace featuring champleve focals, rosecut garnet and dyed beads 23feb2024


Pop music's supertonic; harmonics make the scale; Fine art cuts re-imagines traditional Turkey carpets; Jackie Ormes; RBG's netted necklace. 24sep2020


1st in a series of lamp pulls for upgraded lighting in the basement. 15feb2018


lamp pull with speckled cat head. 26apr2018


lamp pull finished with pewter dragon 16feb2018


light pull with animal head 17feb2018


2017 memory wire necklace with fringe, in amber crystals 18nov2022


Wirewrapped shell, with powder-cast glass beads from Africa. 07mar2016


This 16 strand necklace is versatile and full of little lampwork. 08sep2015


This pouch features glass beads, embroidery, fabric dying and sewing by me; its semiprecious accent beads co-ordinate with the rosary (restrung by me...) it's designed to hold. 24aug2015


Autumn themed earrings in copper and alcohol-inked plastic 28nov2014


Page designs another lovely necklace featuring one of my BE floral vases. Collects together all the PMC posts, both finished jewelry & components. 15apr2014


The semiprecious leopardskin butterfly necklace was a very long time in the chrysalis. Collects the kumistrung necklace pages. 14apr2014


Collects together the tassel necklace pages. Oh, and updates the pink satake tassel necklace page, which was a mess. 10apr2014


This last in a series of posts about an elaborate beaded potted plant hanger also collects all the plant hanger posts together. 20mar2014


This luscious green and purple necklace is full of all the things I love:) It also currently collects together the multistrand pages. 03oct2012


In which I make a red-dead mouse for JDftY. Index for dead mice. 19sep2012


Inspired by stockings, this is the 2nd in a series of abstract wall-hangings/mini-quilts. Originally posted 27apr09. 27apr2009


Inspired by stockings, this is the Ist in a series of abstract wall-hangings/mini-quilts. Originally posted 23apr09. 23apr2009


One of the Friday night icebreakers at the 2009 glassact retreat was to make this beadsoup necklace . Originally posted 04apr09. 08apr2009


2 pairs of candy corn earrings made for two daughters. Originally posted 27oct08. 27oct2008


Purple, green and fuchsia 3 dangle hoop earring circa 1992. Originally posted 05oct08. 05oct2008


Crystal and gold-fill earwrap made for me by Page. Originally posted 17nov08 17nov2008


I made an index page for french-beaded flower pages on 8apr2008...finally got around to posting it some 6 years later... 24apr2014


This post about a macrame bracelet workshop collects together all the bracelet pages. 25apr2014


Kids are natural designers, as this page demonstrates when several of my nieces and nephews had a post-holiday stringing party. Originally posted 28dec06. 28dec2006


Index page to the most popular item on my site—with tuts, samples, commissions, and the 2.0 version. Enjoy. 18oct2006


I've updated the stringing howtos link to reflect the fact that at some point in time I collected the various posts, some of which used to be listed below, together on their own page. Scattershot to be sure, but at least there are now instructions for making bead curtain strands . Updated 0...


This page documents the various collaborations between Page and me. 24aug2005


An idea a decade or more old finally comes to fruition —with a couple of techniques (bead crochet and glass beadmaking) added along the way. 18nov2004


More playing with pis ; early 90s? (posted 14aug04) 15aug2004


Just the one necklace , but I think it's cool. Added 27dec03 22may2004


My favorite transparent stone, or two tourmaline necklaces , one showing `2into1'. Collection of the artist. 22may2004


Something old, something new, something blue... (private collection) 22may2004


My first really inventive design. 22may2004


Early freeform designs, one by Page Kaczynski. Collection of the artist. 22may2004


Two variations on ``A clean singlestrand design''. 22may2004


an index page for 2–>1 necklaces, with a text explanation of design parameters & tips (not a full howto) for making your own. 22may2004


Bead curtain directory & howtostring index added 05may06; moss & ametrine lampwork; fwp pieces; prices for items available for sale, and blurb, all added 18oct06...