Autumn Earrings in Copper
with handmade headpins

Last year—or perhaps the year before (or mebbe even the year before that) our group met with the local seed bead group to discuss something-or-other. The other group had a project for their members to do, so Cyndy G brought a bunch of copper doodads, and some plastic beads she'd colored with alcohol inks so we could have a project to do, too.

It was quite popular; in fact, iirc, some of the seed-beaders wanted to try ours:) Aside from choosing to swap out the copper hook for non-reactive niobium, I limited myself to components available only at the meeting. Thus, these have no lampwork beads in them at all, though the bottomost headpins are glass-heads (& made by Cyndy, not me). The result was a handsome if somewhat fragile and very lightweight autumn themed earrings.

Copper, plastic, alcohol inks, niobium earwires.

I shot these with flash, and played a bit with the curves tool, since I felt the highlights were a tad on the overexposed side. (I'm still getting used to the brighter monitor.) The wires the flowers are on are only 24ga, so that bottom dangle tends to bend, and required frequent straightening. Otherwise, however, I thought these made a quite decent pair of dressy Autumn earrings, as well a memento an enjoyable workshop, and the kindness of a fellow glassact member.