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Leopardskin Butterfly
long time in the chrysalis

This necklace is the last of the series of specifically kumihimo finished semiprecious stone multi-strand necklaces.

Leopardskin Doublefish Butterfly necklace, front. Beadalon, silk construction; leopardskin, brecciated, picture, apple, and chinese? jaspers;[1] black onyx; carnelian; garnet; white and peach moonstone; goldstone; silver of various purities;[2] copper; and pewter. Photographed 16apr2006; construction was likely much earlier.

The piece languished for years, because I had to wait for 49stranded cable to be invented, which had both the flexibility and strength for the design I'd envisioned: 7 strand tigertail was too kink prone, and silk too likely to fray with all those metal components.

The back side, with mini-spacerbar design. It's a pretty nice finish for something (usually) invisible, at least in my opinion!

By the time I actually finished stringing this tripartite piece—note the three more or less equilaterally spaced leopardskin spacerbars—I just wanted to get it done, so the kumihimo is, in my opinion too thin and too coarse for the rest of the piece. What it really needs is a 24, or better yet, 32 stranded cord—but I'd have to get a bigger marudai (and more tama, of course)—to manage that.

In fact, I thought so highly of it that I took a closeup.

Collection of the artist.


My first kumistrung necklace in a long, long time. It's also the first to feature my own lampwork beads. 07sep2015


The semiprecious leopardskin butterfly necklace was a very long time in the chrysalis. Collects the kumistrung necklace pages. 14apr2014


Bronze dragon adorns one of my earliest kumi-strung necklaces. 02oct2008


Serpentine & shell strung with kumied silk. Collection of the artist. Location unknown. 22may2004


Unakite in many hues. Collection of the artist. 22may2004


Trading is fun : polymer clay by Imagine. Collection of the artist. 22may2004


Pink rhodonite flower serves as an accent. 22may2004


My favorite opaque stone , or the-multi-strand-into-a-silk-braid style reaches its height. Collection of the artist. 22may2004


Turquoise & Pink Rhodonite 22may2004


[1]I can't remember the name of those tan beads, woodland something or other—it's very inexpensive, however.

[2]The fish beads, made in India, might be as low as 20%; most of the rest is US manufacture and nominally .975.