The Peruvian Rainforest, Or,
My favorite Opaque Stone.

I alluded in the tourmaline necklace page that the many-colored but primarily green tourmaline is my favorite transparent stone. Rhyolite, or Rainforest Jasper, is my favorite Opaque stone. The braid used to finish this necklace is a flat Peruvian one. Put the two components together and you get ‘Peruvian Rainforest’. Lucky for me, the Amazon Jungle, or at least parts of it, are indeed located in Peru, so quite by coincidence I was able to combine the elements in a geographically correct way.

Like the Austin Necklace (another geographically named piece, and Unakite Double Fish Necklace this is one of several pieces in which the beads actually are strung on silk later braided onto the ends. It's time consuming and difficult, but philosophically pleasing.

The cabochon in the focal piece is somewhat flawed; hence the silver work around it, to disguise the impefect edge of the stone. Quite apart from the colors and the stones, I love this piece because it includes multiple techniques: stringing, metalwork and kumi. Most of my pieces include 2 techniques. Someday I'd like to make some sort of fancy necklace that combines them all!

Semi-precious stone, silver, silk. Early to mid 90s. Collection of the artist.

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