Pink Satake Floral Vessel Necklace
ok, I couldn't stand that uglified old version any more...

Here's a necklace I can pretty precisely document: I started it St Patrick's Day; worked on it the 23Mar, completed it[1] 03apr05. And finally got around to making & posting a page 23aug05.[2]

It has now sold, ending forever the option of re-photographing it. Normally that would mean I wouldn't bother to make a page, because I didn't feel I ever really got a good shot of the finished piece; however, I like the progress shots, and I usually don't get around to making those: the early spring light was ideal for documenting the top of my stringing desk:)

Project begins, 23mar05.

As you can see from the picture, getting started on a major project like this one involves a lot of beads; some, of course will not ultimately fit in with the final design, and are discarded, such as the garnet red seed beads on the right. This necklace basically follows the lumpen format, which means I start at the back, with the cable doubled (folded over) at the clasp; the ends will be crimped at the bottom of the tassel.

This closeup is (at least in my opinion) a better shot of the focal. Though I do use wax—mostly when I'm embroidering stockings I have no idea why it's on the table, since I don't need it for stringing beadalon. But a little mystery adds interest, right? The dark green dottie in the lower left is, like the focal, lead glass, but it's czech rather than the Japanese satake.

Still a lot of beads on the table, but some have gone away.

At this point the size of beads have ramped up considerably from the seed bead (1mm) to 4mm size beads used at the beginning of the piece. In order to keep the strands relating to each other, and each side balanced, I string all of the strands simultaneously, putting a “phrase” of perhaps 2–3” (50–75mm) at a time on each strand before moving on to the next.

The finished piece, completed 03apr05.

Note the large hole ‘collars’ constricting the strands between the small and large beads. I made these on, um, gee now that the piece has sold I can't check—but either 1/4” tubing or big hole mandrels from arrow springs. 49 stranded beadalon, silver, glass, (including lampworked sodalime and lead glass by the artist) rose quartz. Completed 03apr05. Private collection.


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[1]This is the old version of this page.

[2]Then I made this newer/revised version 19mar – 08apr 2014, mostly to pull the tassel necklace index to the top of the string and multistrand indices.