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Or, yeep, I had no idea copper was so expensive

I've recently been reading a lot of Simplicity Movement stuff, and How to Have a Successful business. Both models agree that spending money on frills is a real waste.

Well, I did the no-frills route in a basement for years, and detested it. I dreamed for years of a beautiful studio, and now that I've got the windows and setting to create one, the frills have been accumulating. Not only did I decide on copper for the hood, then I spent more money on fancy special order greek-shell/acanthus leaf pattern trim. And wasted time painting it all.

But I just love it.

The hood was installed no later than 10oct2004.

The rivets holding the four pieces together, as well as some of the screws, are decorated with brass stampings (zinnias, I think) from Fancifuls. As I noted in an earlier post the corner trim from the windows got painted and put on the shaft; I also put cornice molding at the top and shell trim on the ceiling around the cornice molding. I'd never decorated with cornices or fancy trim before, so it was fun. The trickiest part was balancing the color of the trim against the need for the shadows not to get lost—flat white would've been too bright, the rich colors I used for the baseboards and window trim would've hidden the shell design.

Now, of course that I've been using the hood for awhile, I've decided it needs to be about a foot lower, and all those wires from the fancy Open Source mpg3/dvd/radio system now need to be covered with more trim. Ah well, an artist's studio is never done.

This picture was taken on or about St. Patrick's Day, which I gave to myself to do anything I wanted—so I slept in, spent half the day tidying (though not to the level shown tidy 2004 studio, and the other half stringing—which promptly covered the newly decluttered desk with beads.