Buddha Necklace, Or
The infamous start of all those Lumpens

I've alluded, in a number of places to a necklace I made out of beads my business partner no longer quite knew what to do with. Knowing my, um, creative (that is, garbage-picking) sensibilities, she handed them to me with the command, ‘make something out of these!’ They weren't my beads, so I figured I could do whatever I wanted, including being lazy—so, for example, I simply strung the tumble-faceted garnets with the occasional interruption of something else to give a little interest.

Buddha necklace. I have a (duplicate) slide dating to Aug99, so it was definitely completed by then.

I enjoyed making the necklace but would have thought little of it again; however Page saw many possibilities in it, and when I started making glass beads, decided to interpret the design in glass. We both really enjoy making these.