Lapis, Cloisonne, 22K gold leaf
Excess, what excess?

Never let it be said that I am not all about the gaud. My sister bought this delicate and elegant cloisonne fan necklace; but alas, she found she never wore it.

The original necklace.

So she asked me to make something with it, and I went to town with this large and dramatic lapis lazuli and cloisonne multi-strand necklace, featuring a yellow and blue floral vessel.

Lapis, cloisonne, goldleaf lampwork; accented with frit and powder floral. Photographed 19dec02, so I'm sorry to say there are some very bad specular highlights.

The basic concept isn't so bad...but I suspect she still doesn't wear it. Like the CatFish it is very large, dramatic piece, and more than the typical American will wear (alas for me...)

Detail, showing focal.

In which case, I ’spose I ought to get it back, and restring it again...