Birdie Necklace
Using up beads...

A while back I decided the blue-green czech pressed was getting out of hand, and since I had a nice striped focal (made, naturally, with scraps of aqua, emerald and grass green transparents) I figured I'd make a nice wall hanging to use all this stuff up.

The birdie necklace tassel suggested how I might want to complete this other, more complex project. Shot 10mar2014

But it was a hugely complicated project, and I simply couldn't keep track of all the components. Finally I decided to put most of the beads away, and worry about it later, which I mostly did, excepting for the mixed piles of little bugles and seed beads I was using to make the tassel for the focal.

Birdie necklace. Hollow frit and powder fantasy bird, strung on a necklace that includes assorted seed and bugle beads, turquoise, vintage czech, moonstone, etc. Sterling findings. Completed 11mar14

Perhaps 90% of the beads were in ziplocs, bins or on hanks; that left all the loose stuff, and started stringing this necklace as a low-stress fun project, similar to an earlier one that had come out well. Two-thirds of the way down the strands, I decided to use a bird for the focal, so I then I had to make the bird.[1] Originally I'd planned to do the aqua/green/lime transition on the tassel, as a sort of practice run for the wall hanging, but the bird has more white than yellow-green. Besides which, 2/3 of the way through the tassel part, I felt confident moving forward on the other project. So I finished that tassel, then came back to this one.

Hanging shot, which I hope shows the tassel a little better. At least I didn't have to spend a couple of hours trying to lighten just the bird and gimp out the handi-tac, as for the first pic!

As you can see, I used the purple/amber/ivory tassel as a model to get the transitions in this one right. Note also that, to set off the bird, I collected the necklace strands into the two vintage czech pressed flowers. These beads probably were made in the 50s or 60s. I got them from a company called Grey Wolf, many years ago, before I knew how to make my own glass beads. (Which means I've had them close to two decades.)

[1]Actually I made two, and selected the one I liked better for the necklace.