4 Samples
CiM and DH

So my friend Cindi B gave me some awesome glass, and of course the first thing I did was make some samples:

4 sets of sample beads, with rods. The CiM colors feature a solid spacer/hollow pair since sometimes the color changes a bit—only in the case of the brown, this time. 2014.


Arke focal (but not spacers) does vitraile...


post about a multistrand necklace made to feature a piece of beadweaving in olive, black & gold I did many years ago. 23apr2017


feb lauscha bead challenge has some incompatibility issues 08mar2016


CiM samples–sunshine (opq yellow), Gypsy (trans purple), unk brown, plus a DH? aqua (elektra?). Collects the samples pages 13mar2014


a sample braid testing out some oval braid structures. 31aug2015


Double Helix Trautman Art Glass, vetrofond gunmetal & other high silver bearing glass samples (on ivory) 18apr2018


Comparisons of 4 blacks —Effetre 064, 066, hades0820 and vetrofond 064 on vetrofond 204, Effetre 208, and Thompson enamel white (9010?). Originally posted 21oct07. 21oct2007


Collects together the glasstechical pages. 08jun2005


[1]Possibly in the mink/adamantium family? It shifts from a warm grey to a reddish brown—very nice!