Double Helix Trautman Art Glass
vetrofond gunmetal & other high silver bearing glass samples

N.b.: this page was created in August of 2010.

l-r: ekho, aurae, kronos2, psyche, terranova2.1 rocio, Ag Mist, 386, elektra

  • ekho: is med brown; started reducing on rod—ver easy, v. nice irid(escent) purple effect. A reducing color
  • kronos 2: looks like cobalt rob. did ‘oil slick’ black on bead. took several tries. Bumps/proud trailing not actually easier (to get effect) but it seemed that way.
  • aurae–looks like med trans purple—reduces to a nice to silver blue and fumes darken base ivory bead. Very reactive. 2nd round of reduction: rainbows. I'm in love:)
  • DH psyche: blk appearing, vigorous oil slick
  • DH terrnova 2.1: brownish opq (rod) give a Cu metallic look; probably could be made to do Ag type rainbowish (subtle) effects
  • 722401-HJ518 rocio silver mist–silvered nicely (more of that Ag blue [effect, on rod]–cf to Kronos) but not on bead; also, unlike smooth-as-butter DH, cracked a little while pulling stringer & boiled like crazy
  • DH XX386 like its GA namesake (butterscotch) 38 is highly reactive—everthing from deep readdish browns to greeny-turq. Theory suggests purple is possible
  • DH OX 383 (electra)‘sparkly dark aqua’ reduces to trans(lucent iridescent) green

Add'l notes. The last two rods came directly from Double Helix and were purchased in 1/4# lots at Gathering 2010 (Rochester, NY). Other rods came from sample packs purchased by Cindi B.

Man oh man I hate this habit of Double Helix of labeling their glass by name in some places and number in others. Enough to drive anyone batty.

According to their literature, striking silvers include:

  • ekho
  • khaos
  • luna 2
  • terranova 2

Reducing colors:

  • aion 2
  • aurae
  • ekho
  • electra 2
  • kronos 2
  • gaia
  • nyx
  • psyche
  • triton

Update, 18apr18: Aaaaaaaaand that's it, folks—I need this page to go live, and have no idea what comes next, so this is what yer gettin’.[1]

[1]But I'm getting into this stuff again, not least because our guild has been handing out samples. Besides, the glass has probably totally changed in 8 years anyway....