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Color is Messy samples
18 aug CiM, vetrofond & eff odd lots...

Oh, look, another one of those pages I started a decade ago & never got around to finished. Well, goodie, no-one cares whether I actually manage to find the stock numbers from odd-lot glass that probably sold out 10 years ago. That said, I love that apple blush, isn't it gorgeous?

CiM, from Margaret! —specifically, she picked the 4 colours to the left at Gathering. The RQ & chai are from Cindi B (purchased from Howaco)

8 sample beads, from the CiM palette. My notes suggest I was mostly interested in making up a sample strand, rather than documenting the glass behaviour.

I do have some not-very-helpful studio notes, to wit:

  • 511402 – celadon
  • 5114792 – sherwood
  • 511476 – olive
  • 511481 (probably) – split pea
  • 511907-2 RQ (rose quartz) unique?
  • 511765-3 – chai unique
  • 511-921 – (apple) blush

orange...presumeably also from aug 2010? Possibly one of the colours is 511277 phoenix

This was only a few months after I had been hit by a car, and my notes are liberally sprinkled with complaints about shooting pains in my shoulder, nerve pinches and numbness. Ona Sostakas was still alive...