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Color is Messy samples

Some color tests of CiM; also vetrofond & effetre odds.[1]

rods: 591-422; -425; -422 (a different 422); 511-277; 591-420; CiM? Very Cherry; 791-260; 791-022; CiM sangre; 519-713; 218-0-2 (4mm; 2 r shown); 591-730

Preliminary Comments:

  • 591[2] -422 orange special translucent: prone to boiling, has a slight shampoo quality in bead
  • 591-425 zucchini: 1/2 test rod very poppy; temperature strikes from crayon orange-yellow to coralish orangish-red, red being the cool strike zone color
  • 591-422 orange special: temperature strikes from yellow orange to clear, true red, red being the cool strike zone color
  • 511-277 phoenix: temperature strikes from orange to red, red being the cool strike zone color – more of a coral quality than the prior 2.
  • 591-420 coral SB (special batch?) temperature strikes from coral orange to brickish red, red being the cool strike zone color
  • very cherry: (rod hidden/not shown in 1st pic) striking color, ranging from slightly translucent to opaque, deep reddish brown with an oxidizing flame. Great if you want a slightly translucent red-brown.
  • 791-402 celadon: nice, pretty much wysiwyg blue green. Opq.
  • 791-260: CiM mauve (odd?)nice, pretty much wysiwyg mauvey-purplish pink. Opq.
  • 791-022: vetrofond grass green is more-or-less between eff grass & emerald green.
  • CiM sangre: is its usual deep & beautiful transparent garnet red.
  • 591-713 limited edition ‘14K’ amber yellow: honestly? I couldn't really see the diff between this and my 018 standard lt amber test bead. Ok, the 018 is very slightly more saturated.
  • 218-0-2: If it isn't already, this should be called malachite green, cuz it makes stripey beads very reminescent of the real thing.
  • 591-730 chocolatta. It looks like a very dark grey. With some reduction, it took on a slightly dark brown cast. Either a greyish dark brown or a dark brownish grey, it's not likely to be real interesting to anyone not making animal beads.

with some samples on mandrel. Missing the vetrofond 022 & the CiM sangre.

[1]This page was created 16aug2010. And now it's 2023, so I don't really have much to say for something nearly fifteen years out of date. I needed a page to finish out the week, and I at least like having historical info on old glass, so there you go.

[2]Frantz Art Glass prefixes are: 591 – effetre; 791 – vetrofond; 511 – Color is Messy