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sylvus the mad glass scientist

Here is a collection of posts on various experiments and data I've collected about glass. Great science it's not, but sometimes even poor information is better than none.

Depicted above: uroborous sample strand

This post covers what information I've been able to discover about the compatibility between coe 90 (e.g. bullseye) glass and the 7000/8000 series thompson enamels. The upshot is that they're not. 7000/8000 was developed for system 96. Sigh. (Update: I have some new formulations to test from Gathering 2005.)


red hearts with gold leaf


Arke focal (but not spacers) does vitraile...


post about a multistrand necklace made to feature a piece of beadweaving in olive, black & gold I did many years ago. 23apr2017


Gold fumed lentil made into a 4 strand tassel—a not quite dead mouse... 18oct2016


Beads from the 2005 transparent green & white 100 bead challenge 14jan2020


5 CiM colors documented in solid spacers for a glassact sample strand, circa 2011. 10mar2014


CiM's nutmeg and hematite are cool, and a quite beautiful combination. That doesn't mean my 40 bead challenge came out well, though. 08mar2014


Thompson Enamels now makes a transparent line for effetre-compatible (104) glass 19may2012


Vetrofond's odd lot 791943 orange sherbet is yummy. 04may2012


Cheap lampwork can be a problem...


Double Helix Trautman Art Glass, vetrofond gunmetal & other high silver bearing glass samples (on ivory) 18apr2018


some glass from a decade ago... 12mar2020


Sheila Morley demos murrina application! 09jun2010


excerpt of a letter about my kiln & controller adventures. 17jan10 .


Why you do not want to mix Bullseye and Effetre. Originally posted 13feb09. 13feb2009


First effort after Doug Remschneider's class to strike beads. . Originally posted 23nov08. 23nov2008


Some friday fuglies are sort of cute. But this one, alas, is just a fugly failure . Originally posted 20nov08. 21nov2008


Another fiery test of some old seed beads . Originally posted 16may08. 26may2008


Cold seals are not a good idea. Originally posted 26apr08. 25apr2008


More kiln fired seed bead (&c) color permanence tests ... 07apr2008


The very first beads I made with the Color is Messy pallette. Made in October, originally posted 16nov07. 19nov2007


sample strand for the current creation is messy color is messy (104coe) palette. Originally posted 27oct07 27oct2007


Comparisons of 4 blacks —Effetre 064, 066, hades0820 and vetrofond 064 on vetrofond 204, Effetre 208, and Thompson enamel white (9010?). Originally posted 21oct07. 21oct2007


comparison of two yellow abstracts made with Creation is Messy Hades black and Effetre Dense 066 black. Originally posted 20oct07 20oct2007


So the question for today is, why, if you had a rather irritating neighbor behind you who a) took down the fence between your yard and hers, even though she was perfectly aware you had a dog and small children merely because "she hated it", b) proceeded to be mildly aggravated when said dog wandere...


More Gathering goodies, v. 2007 , including some just-a-demo-ugly tests. Originally posted 16aug07 16aug2007


What sandblasting can do to glass beads. Originally posted 29mar07 29mar2007


Simple hollow beads are remarkably durable when dropped onto concrete floors, but double hollows illustrate one of the vulnerabilities of hollow forms . Originally posted 28jan07 28jan2007


this post discusses a thread test of lauscha color supernova . Originally posted 18jan07 18jan2007


Sample of the new 104coe kugler colors commissioned by Arrow Springs. Updated with a new photo from 2007, this glass has since been discontinued. 26nov2006


This post is mostly self-indulgent, but does include one tip for marking rods . file created 08 aug05, posted 13aug05 13aug2005


Collects together the glasstechical pages. 08jun2005


This post shows the results of experiments trying to determine whether some seed beads are coated (dyed) . The upshot of it is that most of the cool colors seem to be. Sigh. Created 30apr05 30apr2005


Effetre, at the urging of Mike Frantz, has been producing ``hand-pulled'' colors not previously offered in their palette. These colors are characterized by higher cost ($24–36.00/lb. vs. $7-9/lb. for many colors in the standard colorways), less consistant diameter, and, of course, more air bubble...


What I offered to make in exchange was a string of ``Tiffany favrile style glass'' beads using a pixie dust coating. The collector who wanted them seemed very inclined to give me a lot of latitude—plenty of time to make them, and ``no stress'', which I interpreted to mean to follow my artistic i...


This post lists, by metal type, and within metal family, increasing metal content, of some borosilicate colors courtesy of Jesse Kohl of Northstar while we were at Gathering 2005. Someday I'll get around to digging up my 2004 Gathering notes, which include a seminar on this same topic by Henry Grimmett, the head chemist at Glass Alchemy.

File originally created 8jun05, updated 24aug05, 25jun06