CiM sample strand
5 sets of solids

This post documents part of a sample strand project my guild did back in 2011.. Shown here are

  • oz [pretty much a standard transparent emerald green, so no notes.]
  • pumpkin —this color ‘self cases’ in transparent if heated hot enough
  • desert pink —slightly scummy, cf (compared) to other opqs (session I); less scum using sm. slightly oxygenated –i.e. blue flame. 1 rod had a bubble 1/2 way thru, otherwise easy to work AND color retains well, doesn't burn out (session II)
  • french blue
  • grape ape —pretty opq mauvey purple

solid spacers, made as part of a guild sample strand project. 09may–13may 2011

For those interested, these beads were made on a lynx with propane and regalia 10lpm concentrator. They would've been made on either 3/32 or 1/16 inch mandrels, probably using fusion release.