Gold fumed lentil
made into 4 strand tassel

There's a legend, I believe, of a nine-tailed fox (kitsune) in Japan; but even so, I always felt the ‘dead mice’ with two tails (made that way for structural reasons)[1] was pushing it.

4 stranded tassel featuring a gold fumed bead. Strung (& photographed) 11aug2016. Glass, (gold), basemetal, beadalon.

I originally fumed this bead thinking it could go into the bead curtain, as I've been exploring gold fuming.[2] However, someone wanted a prezzie for hir latest crush,[3] so I volunteered to make this object. Anything to clear off the roadkill (aka mess of unsorted beads, especially the pile of rather fugly green stripies, of which I was able to hide a bunch in the tail tassel tips) from my desk.

[1]The beadalon is folded in half, so that each end is long enough to easily ‘string back/up’ for a secure finish.

[2]The teal deer version of this technique is to heat the bead of gold so screamingly hot it's actually sliding around on the end of the pyrex rod, because it's molten —then you get the stream of green particles to deposit on your bead.

[3] Not hir fiancee, but hir crush: this flexible arrangement, a subset of polyamory, allows one to have the benefits of both the security of a long-term partner and the pleasures of that delirious ‘just-fallen-in-love’ sensation. It sounds altogether exhausting, but ze's young & energetic;)