Dichro & Shards:
attempting a jewel toned dead mouse

This dead mouse was made as a gift to someone who ‘likes jewel tones’. I employed three strategies to achieve what I hoped were rich, saturated colours, particularly the blue/violet/green triad:

  1. dichro
  2. silver bearing shards (I think...)
  3. silver bearing scrolling.

Assorted (base) metals, with beads featuring shards, dichro, etc. Photographed 07sep16 (and almost certainly manufactured in the same month.)

Though silver bearing glasses can have a rather soft, tertiary effect which is certainly at odds with the whole saturated, intense pure hues that is the jewel tones thing, many silver bearing glasses can be manipulated for beautiful greens, blues and violets. Admittedly, I'm still rather a beginner at that, or that scrolling would pop a lot more.[1]

Otoh, it's a dead mouse—a relatively ephemeral object designed to be enjoyed for the six to 18 months they typically last before breaking. It didn't need to be perfect, just fun. —And it was: I particularly enjoyed the opportunity to include a bunch of highly dyed seed beads (that magenta colour is currently unavailable except as a dyed or dyed metallic finish) because hey, the colour will last long enough.

There's something tremendously freeing in making an object that doesn't have to be ‘perfect’. —Just good. I hope its owner is enjoying it![2]

[1]My efforts to strike it were not terribly successful.

[2]My spouse requested this for someone with whom he was working, so I have no idea how it went over.