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CiM limited Runs:
6 samples from 5 6 years ago

While I was hunting around trying to figure out when I purchased some daylily or other, I stumbled across this image, which I evidently never posted to the website. In lieu of actually making new beads, I figured I'd show pix of old ones:

CiM limited Run, circa late 2017, beads made & photographed (lumix) 07jan18

Though the photo (& the beads) were made 07jan18, I actually started on this series in late 2017, which tells me the glass dates back to at least then: probably part of a guild auction pack. Studio notebook comments (rearranged to correspond with the picture, l-r):

  • 606 damson—a nice d[ar]k mn[1] purple, med[ium] d[ar]k, slightly translucent
  • 605 thistledown (2012) trans; creamy purp[le], similar to crocus, w/ variable opacity—veiling that travel up rod
  • 406 gooseberry—peacock var, but more translucent, at least in flame[2]
  • 506 moana—v. thin rod
  • 206 macaw –rod crack 1.5 in—made another, finally looks good...[3]
  • 106 firecracker big, ugly lumpy[4]

[1] no, I don't know what this abbreviation is either update, 2023: it's Mn, for Manganese—the colouring agent for making this brownish standard purple in glass

[2]and completely transparent in the cooled bead, though the rod is a bit ‘greasy’

[3]earlier attempts at a friend's house using minor natural gas & tanked oxy proved ‘difficult to strike’

[4]presumably, the bead, not the rod


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