Update of a fave:
Garnet Red Antique CurliQ

I just can't imagine that I never updated this horrible not-very-good (set of) picture[s] of this piece from 2004. It's not like I didn't take better images only a few years later, as this pair of pix from 2007 show:

030507; Nikon coolpix 8400 rotated counterclockwise 90 deg—otherwise untouched. Click for a version that isn't blurred by the down-sizing algorithm!

The thing is, I sometimes like seeing the old versions of stuff (it's nice to know that I do get better, however slowly) so I get why I didn't just replace the old images; but where is the new and improved page?

030507, coolpix 8400; rotated only.

It could very well be somewhere in this site, made before tagging was available, un-indexed...somewhere. There are actually a couple of images shot two days later, sitting, unused, in the /String directory. This lot wasn't even available except sideways, so I obviously didn't use them!

this image is a composite of the base version plus several subtly adjusted ones; plus cropping. Canon EOS6D, 90mm tilt-shift lens (obviously, not taking advantage of that...)

This necklace, to my mind, is a real serendipity—I strung it at the behest of my partner, and really liked the way it came together. I've been trying to reproduce this accidental success ever since.

Canon 6D, with the 90mm tilt shift lens. My fave;) even though I didn't manage to tilt the focal plane.