Orange Peyote Disk necklace
Another try with those orange and red dotted cones...

This necklace was made roughly the same time as the other red and yellow necklace, that is to say, sometime in the early 90s. Taking the donut concept further along, I decided to create a stitched donut shape by covering a piece of plastic cut out in a pi shape with peyote, using striped red and yellow seed beads.

To counterbalance the weight of the focal, the necklace has two independent dangles that can hang down the back—a very cool concept I swiped from my friend Page. She made one necklace using the idea; I've made one, this one. That's all. Shame, really because it's so neat.

Another feature I like about this piece is that it relies solely upon friction to hold the stringing material in place: no crimps are used. I had more patience to mess about forcing tigertail into little teeny tiny holes back then.

glass (seed beads, Indian mandrel wound beads, czech etc), nylon, tigertail, copper clasp, plastic substrate