Floral Frit and Powder Vase beads
Abstracts with flowers on them:)

Beadmakers have any number of specialties—dots, fish, humorous sculptural (especially cats), ultralong barrels, metallic leaf—the list goes on and on. Some people are incredibly disciplined, doing only one kind of bead; others might do two or three related styles.

four frit and powder vases with floral trailing in ‘sunshine coral’.

Needless to say, I cannot have claimed to have found the one true bead unique only to me. One of the reasons I've stuck with glass as long as I have is that when I get bored with one thing, I can bounce to another. However, my beads do fall into several categories—textured (frit, powder, leaf); trailed (dots, curliQs); dichro; and florals. Florals (the way I do them, anyway) are basically a form of fancy trailing, using striped cane. Pati Walton, Kristin Frantzen Orr, Leah Fairbanks and Kim Fields are all known for their trailed florals.