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2018 Pull, 1st in a series:
Layered dots and viking hats

Though I made this post after the other three, that was a consequence of already having strung and hung the first, test pull [1] The wizard spent New Years’ finishing up a major lighting upgrade to northern half of the basement (which is bisected by the stairwell), and most of new sockets came with short lengths of pull chain. In order to save money, nylon cord was knotted into a ball chain finding at the end of the 2" or so.

12.75"/32 cm; focal 18mm. Bead made 01Jan2018, and the piece likely also strung that day.

We had at least one decorative pull, at the end of a full-length ball chain, located over the washer. It seemed silly to tolerate ugly, cheap-looking string when it would be easy to string custom length pulls: I had been practising my every-few-years Kristina Logan flower test[2] towards the end of 2017 in xmas colours, and quite naturally segued into layered dot beads for this: the colour choice was mostly an outcome of

  • stuff I wanted to use up
  • that would be fairly easy to layer in dots[3]

The red and white were left over from xmas beads, black co-ordinates (& is easy to use) with red and white/ivory, and I thought the light blue would make a nice background, which determined the colour basis for the series. Bonus is that the light shines through the blue in an appealing way when the light is on.

[1]Before photographing it: I needed to check length, which I have discovered for this basement and these lights, for easy reachability but not getting klonked is about 13".

[2]These are my favourite beads by her, though I don't think she's made the 3 dot style in about 20 years; I did actually attempt to commission my favourite, and she finally made some very beautiful 4 dot flowers, but if I want my true love, I'm gonna have to make it myself. As has been true for two decades, Ms Logan has absolutely nothing to fear from me, but it makes an excellent test, and I am slowly getting better at melting dots into hollow beads.

[3]e.g. not glass prone to crawling, such as petroleum


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