Basement Lamp Pull III
Pewter dragon

This is the 3rd in a series of lamp pulls I made to adorn our new, super-bright LED basement lights. The focal lampwork bead was so misshapen I hesitated even to put it in a basement lamp pull, but on the other hand, that dragon, which is highly detailed and looks to have been someone's real labour of love, is butt-ugggggggggly: the head's too big for the body, the upper and lower jaw is just a mushy cheek wodge, the wings don't convincingly attach to the body, (and are missing a joint besides), the hind legs are much longer than the front[1] and it has unconvincing, floppy mammal ears on a reptilian body.

13.5"/34cm; dragon is 2.75"/7cm long. Constructed 04feb2018, of tigertail or beadalon.

It's a real shame, because it does have a relatively dynamic pose, and the red faceted eyes are very attractive. But I just hated the anatomy so much I couldn't stand even to put it on a dead mouse, for which it's really too large and heavy anyway. So I decided my sloppy red bead could go with this dragon, and as for the rest, I scavenged some more beads off my stringing desk and/or my box of base-metal oddments, which, like the dragon I've accumulated over the years.

I will say, it makes a nice photo, at least.

[1]To be sure, a sin of which I'm also often guilty.