Kitty Cat Lamp Pull
speckles and stripes

So, um, I guess this pull is fourth in a series which for some reason didn't get posted with the others earlier this year. As with the other lamp pulls there are some wonkinesses going on, such as the cracked and partially healed blue spacer on the right; the 3 hole screamer blue and raked white striped screamer (located between the two red spacers).

13.75"/35cm long; cat head 1-1/8"/28mm high.

I put the little blue bead with the wire-wrap on the bottom because when I used a similar wire-wrapped bead as a mouse joint, it pulled apart; I therefore felt this component was suitable only for low-use, low-stress applications that personally belong to me (so I can fix any failures.)

The cat head was the more successful[1] one of a pair that I made on the evening of the 2017 winter solstice—part of a nice, productive 4 hour session. Since the piece was strung in early February of 2018, that's a pretty fast turnaround for me!

[1]IMHO; iirc, the wizard actually liked the other one better...and it's his space that's being decorated with these things.