Basement Lamp Pull II:
gravity swirls & animal heads that don't quite work

As part of the basement tool setup/storage/upgrade, the wizard installed a bunch of new, super-bright LED lights, many with nylon pull ‘chains’. Boring! So we measured a good length (high enough no-one gets clonked in the head, low enough easily to grab) and I scavenged the ball chain finding.

08feb2018, E620. 13.75"/35cm long; focal bead 1.25"/3cm wide (largest dimension)

The first one was made with beads lying around on my table, in translucent reds, white/ivory, black and blue, so I stuck with that basic colour scheme for these as well, and continued the slow cleanup of my stringing area by incorporating beads lying around. This one features all sorts of weird stuff—a rhinestone rondell, a pulled striped ground trade bead (just atop) and a couple of not very successful gravity swirls—the one with transparent stripes is too dark to read well, and the opaque red didn't show up well black stripes either. Chintzy bugles finished off the project.

The LED lamps[1] are bright enough that I figure the bugles and transparent gravity swirl might actually look somewhat interesting. And if not, well, it's a basement after all.

[1]That's the technical term for a light bulb.