Amber fringed memory wire necklace
putting on the ritz

Here's another version of a memory wire necklet with fringe, suitably dramatic for what is more of an ‘evening wear’ style, but the same basic construction as the one featured last time.

For all of you wondering whether those 5301s are real sarovski or the less expensive Chinese copies, well, I bought the amber ones 15 or 20 odd years ago, before the Chinese stuff really came onto the market. Well, most of it, anyway; I also lucked out at a shop's bead clearance sale for the 6mm brown[1] ones.

Memory wire necklace of amber and brown swarovski, Chinese crystal, Czech fire polish; 14/20 gf beads; beadalon; basemetal; memory wire and 216 steel. Longest dangle is just over 5" strung 18 & 19 september, 2017

It's a fair question, because normally I'd be waaaaaayyyy too cheap to put that much crystal into one necklace, but the parameters specified sparkly. For this reason I also used a lot of AB, especially in the Czech. Some of my efforts to be cheap actually improved the design, such as substituting the gold-plated heishi for soldered 5mm jump rings to hang the fringes.

This more dramatic lighting was an accident that came out of holding the diffuser nearly vertical near the flash. I tried about 15x to recreate the effect, but this first accidental version was the best.

And note to self when making memory wire necklets: cut the wire generously, at least 1-3/4 around. And mebbe use 4mm rather than 6mm beads in the vertical supports. Or, I don't know, locate my goldfilled spacerbars, not to mention my gf crimps—the reason there's basemetal in this piece is that I couldn't find them.[2]

in progress. 19sep17, 15:08, galaxy 4 phone.

[1]Some are actually a deep plum that reads as brown—really classy.

[2]Well, strictly speaking I have some inch long leftover gf tubing from a crimp order my old bead shop gave me, that I used a cutoff make about 6 badly made crimps. Then I caved and went with the cheap stuff. Also in interest of full disclosure there's a stringing error in this piece, which I'm very happy to note does not show in the photo—somewhat to my surprise, actually.