Media I've Tried
Oh, Come on, you surely have better ways to Waste Your Time

But if you truly want to know–here's the list. Every so once in a while I amuse myself by listing the various ways I've tried to accumulate art (and other supplies):

  1. airbrushing
  2. painting: watercolor, acrylic
  3. basketmaking
  4. beadstringing
  5. beadweaving: peyote, brick, single needle right angle weave, herringbone, netting, helical, loom
  6. calligraphy, “angled” & copperplate
  7. ceramics
  8. crochet & beaded crochet
  9. drawing: graphite, colored pencil, pen&ink
  10. digital imaging
  11. embroidery: freestyle, traditional japanese, temari, machine, beaded
  12. flameworking, with lead, soda-lime and borosilicate glasses
  13. knitting & beaded knitting
  14. kumihimo (braid making)
  15. lacemaking, bobbin & needle
  16. scrimshaw, with ink & paint
  17. sewing
  18. silkscreening
  19. macrame
  20. tassel & pompom-making
  21. photography
  22. metalworking, hot & cold (e.g. brazing, riveting, stone setting, repousse)
  23. Weaving: Tapestry needleweaving, tablet weaving

And then there are all the ones I want to try someday, and have bought a book, or some supplies:

  • bookbinding
  • silk flower making
  • fabric dying & marbling
  • font design
  • woodworking

And the ones that I fiddle around, attempting to put some sort of creative spin on, like cooking or baking or gardening...

There's obviously a heavy concentration of bead and surface textile, and beadstring combines the two beautifully. I've gotten decent at few, competent at many, remain truly horrific (like the time I dropped a chocolate coated knife while cake decorating. Four times. On my sister-in-law's cream carpeting. It's amazing she still speaks to me!) at more than I care to admit.