Green&Purple, Lampwork&PMC
all that stuff I love....

I decided to make a really luxurious necklace, featuring my favorite colors: purple and green. I made a great many mini-hollow beads, used my special silver coated beadalon, and finished the piece off a pmc clasp adorned with faceted purple and green (synthetic) stones[1]

Shows a close up of the pmc clasp, with the strung beads all coiled up as a backdrop

I made this thing back when PMC was about $25 a packet, and they couldn't be bothered with making the stuff in copper, because it was too cheap to matter. —I love putting multiple textures on PMC, as I did for this clasp.

multistrand necklace with lots and lots of mini-hollows, plus of course many other little glass beads; tiny amethyst and peridot (also jade); strung on silver coated beadalon. Features a stone-set pmc clasp.


Multistrand necklace featuring removable lentil pendant on bail


3 strand twist necklace with a chipped ceramic bead 20mar2020


Page's triple strand art deco fringed collar. 14nov2021


Reticulated brass 3 strand turq chip necklace 03jan2020


multistrand freshwater pearl, jasper & sterling silver necklace by Linda Gioiosa of Malachite Dragon 20feb2020


2017 memory wire necklace with fringe, in amber crystals 18nov2022


post about a multistrand necklace made to feature a piece of beadweaving in olive, black & gold I did many years ago. 23apr2017


This 16 strand necklace is versatile and full of little lampwork. 08sep2015


Long, long ago, my inlaws used to go on missions—to Mexico or Liberia or other places like that, usually to build schools or churches in the local community. Nowadays, that sort of thing is deprecated—it's usually considered more helpful simply to give the money direct to the folks obstensibly...


The semiprecious leopardskin butterfly necklace was a very long time in the chrysalis. Collects the kumistrung necklace pages. 14apr2014


Collects together the tassel necklace pages. Oh, and updates the pink satake tassel necklace page, which was a mess. 10apr2014


This luscious green and purple necklace is full of all the things I love:) It also currently collects together the multistrand pages. 03oct2012


Deb's spring necklace is precisely documented. 01may2014


Multi-strand necklace featuring customer-provided fuchsia freshwater pearls, amethyst, garnet, copper, silver and glass beads made to match a pair of earrings. Private collection, 2007. 31mar2008


Multi-strand freshwater pearl, moonstone, white pixie and bali silver bracelet made to match a similiar necklace . Originally posted 09dec06. (Private collection.) 09dec2006


Freshwater pearl and silver necklace. Strung summer 06, originally posted 18oct06. (Private collection). 18oct2006


Two multi-strand freshwater pearl and silver bracelets 2002, originally posted 17oct06. Whereabouts unknown. 17oct2006


I made, I think before we moved. Say it's five years old or so. At any rate, I couldn't sell it, couldn't even give it away; it was such a resounding failure I tore it apart to harvest the beads for the lowly bead curtain. Now that silvered stringing cable is available, I wouldn't e...


Necklace with copper disk , riveted, woven with fringe. Early 90s? (posted 27dec03) 22may2004


Though the necklace is old , the page is new. (07dec03) 22may2004


A clean multistrand design . Status unknown. 22may2004


Lumpen continued: two purple tassel necklaces, one large, the other a bit more delicate. Strung Oct? 2002; photographed 23oct, 25nov, 19dec2002. 19dec2002


Trading is fun : polymer clay by Imagine. Collection of the artist. 22may2004


3 strand fantasy —another old necklace (new page, 27dec03) (private collection). 22may2004


Two bracelets to match, also strung in 2002 31dec2002


[1]CZs, I presume: they have to withstand the heat of firing