Turquoise and Coral Necklace with Brass Focal
An Adaptable Multi-strand Design.

I did a turquoise series of necklaces many years ago, incorporating somewhat crudely made silver bicones and cinnabar my friend Page gave me. This necklace has neither, but represents one of those off-the-cuff designs that just all comes together, almost effortlessly.

Glass, turquoise, coral, brass and other metals. Early 90s?

The brass beads go way, way WAY back, to very nearly the founding of Priya. They never did well, being too large, too bold and too crudely made for that shop's standard customer base. I think some other wholesaler finally came and took them all away, by the boxload. The owner was very glad to have all that dusty, mess go away. (Now, of course, they make a fortune selling Bali silver, which is the same idea excuted with tighter technique, in better materials, on a much smaller scale.)

The beads used in this necklace were likely lying around, perhaps samples set aside so that I could draw them. (One of the most exquisite ink drawings I ever did was of a chinese turquoise pendant. I'll have to dig it up someday.) The turquoise, glass—cheap Indian or crude African sand-cast—was similarly inexpensive. I particularly like the way the brightly colored glass strands “puff” on either side of the central focal point.